Monday, July 6, 2009


Not mine, I don’t fear death.

If I die, those that are left behind suffers, I am just….. dead.

Yes, its morbid, but we all have to face it one day.

Last weekend was not a very good weekend for me.

My mom called me on Friday to say that Dad was in a bad way.

I told her that I will be back on Sunday.

Yana nearly took my head off when I told her that.

She insisted that I go back on Saturday.

Friday night we went clubbing… hahahahaha

Weird eh?

My dad is very sick and I am planning to go back two days later with no specific plans in mind but clubbing on Friday night.


That’s me.

I don’t handle sick, weak, sad or death well.

I trivialise it.

I don’t make it a priority.

When Yana made me prioritise it, it hit me hard.

Though I don’t have a good relationship with my dad, but our relationship has improved a lot.

I do love him very much but ….






At least, the funeral would be fun.

We three brothers suck in awkward or sad moments.

We make inappropriate jokes in times like these.

Something like Chandler in Friends?

So imagine a funeral with the three sons of the deceased cracking jokes all the time. LOL

When confronted with moments like these we trivialise it.

I don’t even realise it until I reflected on how I reacted to the news and how all my brothers are in funerals, confronted with an emotional child, a crying person, a sickly person in a hospital bed.

In other words, we are a hoot.

No wonder we are so popular.


Btw, my dad is fine.

I did feel awkward when I first saw him, he was all skin and bones.

I helped my brother send him to Ampang Puteri and after getting his double bags of glucose drip he was back to his non stop nonsensical bore me to death talks.

Love you dad.

Don’t scare me again like that.


Nina said...

Rizal, sorry to hear that your father was sick. But I am glad to hear that he is recovering well.