Friday, August 29, 2008


Beth tagged me.
a) State 15 weird things/habits or little known facts about yourself.
b) Tag 10 people to do it
c) No tag backs

I love bisexual women.

Angry women turns me on.

I do not like to be kept waiting.

I don’t get angry, I get even.

I don’t make threats, I make promises.

Have very soft spot for the female gender.

Want to have lots of babies. Love big family.

I was a geek in school. In the band and chess club.

I am still a geek. Love to read and play playstation.

I prefer cats over dogs.

I prefer cold over heat.

I hate heights.

I can play the bagpipes.

I really hate and despise liars.

I hate getting tagged!

I tag:
Yana, Diane, Q, Aidan, Joey, Nadya, Jazmeen, Mikhail, Jibrail, Meera

New Team

A new gang.

All three of us are Head of Department for sales, but our focus is different.

The one on the left is John Toh. His focus is training. He is like a walking encyclopaedia. Very knowledgeable but is annoying when he rambles on too much without getting to the point.

Great guy to have around.

Great source of reference.

The one next to him is H.

He is our boss but he does not want to be known as one. He wants to be a part of the team. I think thats cool. Not a lot of bosses who are willing to get their hands dirty. His name card says he is Head of Department for Corporate Affairs.

Great visionary.

A very good team player.

Thats me. I am focusing on Customer Service. My forte.

And on my left is Benjamin Beh. Head of Marketing. We used to work together. My sifu and big brother. Learned a lot when we were working together in Dymax. Am honoured to be working again with him.

A rock who can make things happen form nothing.

A guy you dun want to mess with.

Been working with them for a month.

Great team.

One vision.

One mission.


Friday, August 15, 2008


Just had an interesting conversation on the catalyst that made us who we are.

Some people probably never had one. Is it fortunate or unfortunate?

I would say it depends on how they turn out.

A timid person might be viewed positively if it is the norm of that society to see it as such.

Me? I am outspoken, aggressive, opinionated, a straight shooter and very confrontational.

Majority tells me that these are negative traits but strangely I have people trying to emulate me (unsuccessfully and sometimes very funny to watch) and highly sought after by market research companies.

But I was never like this when I was younger.

I used to be very quiet, non confrontational (I cant even look at another person in their eyes), walk about looking down on the floor and was bullied in school.

The catalyst would be when I was 12 years old.

That was the year when I beat up my school mate (not something that I should be proud of) but it did change my life.

It was not in a dark alley or a hidden nook when this happened.

It was just outside my class with my fellow schoolmates walking about. It was before school started.

They just turned a blind eye. It was strange. It was like we were in a world of our own.

It all started when my school mate wanted to borrow my “game and watch” (it was big during my time in the year 1983). It was like a primitive PSP and had only a single game on it.

He borrowed it and conveniently forgot to return it after a month.

I kept pestering him for it and he always came up with a stupid excuse.

Then 1 day I just flipped when he didn’t bring it again.

I just hit him. I felt bad and worried about getting in trouble but nothing came of it.

Stupidly enough, he still didn’t bring it back again the next day.

So, I hit him everyday for a week before he returned it.

It made me understand that to make a point, one had to resort to violence.

My following days and years were violent.

I believed that violence was needed to get what I want.

I was feared and respected.

Thankfully, in my life, I had lots of “big brothers” who taught me well.

Taught me patience, humility and the power of words over fists.

So, here I am, a jerk, a bastard, a son of a bitch.

Just be thankfully you didn’t know me when I was in my teens.

Half a Month

Well, half a month in my new place.

I love it.

Lugging around a company laptop. It’s cool coz I am mobile and everything moves with me, but its a bitch when I go shopping. I am so worried that it will get stolen, I dun even lock it in my boot. Better safe than sorry.

So, wherever I go, my laptop follows.

H (my boss, but he hates being referred to as the boss), got all of us new suits.

Thats cool as well.

Come to think of it, I have never paid for any of my suits before, and I have a few in my wardrobe. LOL

Anyways, just wanna say that I am really happy here and I hope and I pray, this will be the last company I will be with.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


More good news....

My gals will be coming back to Malaysia for Raya.
I have not seen them for a few years, and the last time I was with them, it was only for a few hours before I they leave for Australia.
I know that 1 day seems too short after so many years, but I will count my blessings that at least I get to spend a day with them.
I would love to them to spend a night with me but I guess they are nervous about seeing me too.
Yes, I am nervous too.
They have grown, they have changed, they have developed.
Will it be awkward?
Will it be uncomfortable?
God.... I miss them so much.
I want us to be like before, like we have never parted.
I just hope we can be friends.
Gals.... Nadya and Jazmeen.
I love you so much.
I miss you so much.
I cant wait for you gals to be in my arms again.

A New Beginning

At last....
Back to work after a month of lazing around.
Time to exercise the grey matter.
I am now working with Nanang International.
An MLM company dealing with health products.
I am the Head of Sales.
There are 3 of us.
My focus is on the customer support.
So my name card says HOD – Customer Service.
Tie and long sleeve 5 days a week.
Gonna have to get use to that since I have only been wearing jeans and T-shirt in my previous place.
Its fun to start my own team and challenging that I have to lay the company’s foundation.
Its easier when the other two HOD, Ben and John has the same vision and ideas for the company.
Its even better when my boss, Hoong Teng is a great guy who shares the same ideas.
This is going to be a great place to work in.
Great colleuges, wonderful boss..........
I hope it last, coz the money is incredible.
I hope that this will be the last place that I am to be.
I am tired of changing jobs.
I am tired of thinking about my financial situation.
Bottom line is... I am just tired.
I want to make this work.
I want this to be a success.
So far, I am happy.
I will make this work!