Friday, January 28, 2011

Reflections..... Grow Up?

Yes…. It’s a condom.

I was holding it coz I needed to make a speech and a mic was not available.

My shirt was drenched from all the foam that they showered on me.

It was a great night but I am not here to talk about that night or who was there or what happened.

I wanna talk about who was not there.

Some of my closest friends were not there.

Some were overseas and some were….. making excuses?

Some of my friends grew up and started acting their age.

Sure, I am 40 but act my age?

How is a 40 year old suppose to act?

No fun allowed?

No more crazy nights?


I am having fun and I am living my life.

I am a father and a husband, but does that mean I no longer can have any fun?

Some will say grow up.

Be an adult.

I say Fuck You!

I don’t hurt those around me, I am not irresponsible, I am just living my life and not be a hypocrite.

I have no regrets.

I am surrounded by friends that I love who loves me back.

I have a soulmate who is my best friend.

My siblings are closer to me more than before.

My life is great.

How is yours treating you?

Having fun as an adult?


Monotonous lifestyle?

You have my pity……

Don’t judge me just because you don’t have the balls to stay true to yourself.

When you stop being yourself, you are already dead.

Stop making excuses that you are an adult!

Goodbye Kaloi

It finally happened.

Kaloi passed away today at exactly 2314.

Before passing away, Kaloi was thrashing away in the tank, trying to jump out of the water.

There was nothing I can do but just watch.

I feel totally useless watching it suffer.

I never knew what was wrong.

I gave it vitamins, change the water….. but it has been suffering for months.

I know.

I can feel it.

On a brighter note, Kaloi was the longest pet that survived with me.

I believe it has been at least 5 years.

From a tiny fish no bigger than my palm, it has grown to be as big as my thigh.

Goodbye Kaloi, for you can never be replaced.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

40th Birthday

Woohoo….. I’m officially 40.

On my birthday, I had a sober dinner with the family.

Then Yana said that was it….. I was disappointed but I thought that’s fitting for a 40 year old.

No more wild parties or boozing.

I was so wrong.

The following weekend, Yana roped in Gareth to take me to Garden Suite…. A surprised party with loads of booze.

Hehehe…. It was great.

Just wanna thank Yana, Alyssa, Diane, Gareth, Allan, Jo, Jeanne, Mei Ling, Chandra, Jay and JK for making the party happening and fun.


Family dinner.

Cake time!

Was made into a snowman when I entered the room.

Surrounded by hot gals.

Chandra and gang.

Gareth and Allan.

Jo just gave me a birthday greeting on the floor.

Diane is out for the count.

Winding down….. I’m hammered!

Friday, January 7, 2011

The Clock Ticks (Part 4) Down Memory Lane

Another 2 days before I hit the big Four-O!

Went thru some of my old pictures and wanna share some that kinda chronicle my life.

Here it is:

My youngest known picture. No idea how old am I here.

In primary school.

In secondary school.

In the school Cadet Band.

Working fresh out of school.

Getting married.

Celebrating my birthday with my daughters and nieces.

And my rock that holds it all together. (Check out the TShirt…. Hahahaha)

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year

Started the new year with my beloved and close friends at home.

Diane was not around because she wanted to go clubbing.

Lots of drinks and food.

I was content.

Its all good.

I know 2011 will be a good year.

Cant wait to get started.