Monday, September 29, 2008

At Last.....


Just went out with the gals.

It was ackward in the beginning.

Nadya had tears in her eyes.

I nearly had tears in my eyes.

More than two years not meeting... thats a very long time.

It was fun hanging with them.

Nadya was like me when I was young.

Love to read.

Jazmeen is being her usual hyperself. Non stop questions and chattering.

Couldnt find anything good in Mid Valley, so moved to Amcorp and bought their Raya clothes.

Then brought them home to chill.

Our conversations are smoother now.

Then broke fast at Uptown.

Had tons of seafood... Jazmeen ate more than me!!!

We had oysters, prawn, squid, kerang and bamboo lala.

Thats lots of food!

Then back to Mid Valley for ice cream at NZ Natural.


It was a great day, had fun, cant wait to celebrate Raya with them.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Goodbye... My Good Friend

After 7 years of loyalty, I have to say good bye to my friend.

My handphone, Nokia 8250. Also known as the blue butterfly in its prime.

7 years is a long time to hold on to a handphone.

Gonna replace it tonite with a Nokia 6500S.

The strange thing, when I think about it.... I have never really bought a phone.

My first handphone was a company’s. It was a Nokia. I remember it well with its slim and long body and a antenna thats always sticking at me.

My second was a free phone that came with a registered line. It was a Ericsson. Those days, Sony and Ericsson were two different entities.

My third.... Nokia 8250... yes my third, meaning tonite is my fourth...

My third was a bargain sold to me by my client. He doesn’t need a new phone so he sold it to me for RM400.00 which was a steal as the market price was RM1K plus!

I guess you can say that I bought that phone, but not from the shop.

Today, Yana is gonna pick up my phone and pass it to me later tonite.

At last... a new phone.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Dun Make Me Wait!

My YM chat just 10 minutes ago


She: abang

Me: u dun answer yr calls and sms?

She: i do abang

She: sorry if i offend u

Me: just dissapointed

She: but i was invited for terawikh

Me: u cant send a sms saying u cant make it?

She: im so sorry if i offend u,i really didnt meant to.

Me: i'm curious

Me: why didnt u jawab my calls or my sms?

Me: terawih is at night

Me: i called u like a thousand times during the day

Me: sent u sms

She: huh?

Me: u didnt think it necessary to jawab?

She: i saw ur call during evening near to berbuka time

She: thats it

She: i swear

Me: why didnt u answer?

Me: i waited ok

Me: i am not offended that u cannot make it

She: alright, its like this.i have another sometimes i didnt bring my other phone with me.but seriously, that day i only saw ur call one time near berbuka

She: i thot it was too late

Me: i am FUCKING offended that u dun have the decency to jawab yr call

She: and u might just continue ur plan

She: i didnt know that i offended u this much

She: im so sorry

Me: its like u dun have respect for my time

Me: u just keep me waiting after making plans

Me: is it that hard to just send a msg to say u cant make it

Me: u just assume i buat plan lain

Me: i respect u enuff to keep my plans free waiting for u

Me: but u just buat bodoh

She: ok abang

She: i unedrstand

She: im really sorry

Me: i just wanted to tell u how i feel

Me: and to tell u that if this is the way u treat people who wants to care abt u

Me: no wonder they are not many who gvs a shit abt u

Me: u have a good life and may u find happiness in yr screwed up life of yrs


And that is what happens when I am kept waiting unnecessarily!

My Work

Yes, I know....

Why is there no further information on my work?

OK... here goes.

My company is called Nanang International Sdn. Bhd.

Its dealing with MLM focusing on health products.

Not gonna bore you with the health aspects of it.

For those who doesn’t know whats MLM, its short for Multi Level Marketing. Still no idea? Amway rings a bell? LOL

Well, I am the Head of Sales.

I run trainings, do presentations, conduct seminars.... you get the idea.

I will be travelling all over Malaysia. Its fun, but also tiring.

I cant wait to do the international scene.

In the near future, we have our sights on Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore and


After that, the middle east, India and onwards to the west.

Since there are 3 of us, my focus will be on customer service or support, whichever you wanna look at it.

I will be the point of reference when our distributors need information.

Information will be disseminated via telephone, email or face to face.

Obviously I cant do this alone.

Thats why I have been looking for members to join our team.

Preferably a hot young thing (female), but they are not easy to find.

Well, thats work in a nutshell, but the ramadhan month is slowing things down.

Thats normal in MLM.

Will keep you updated on whats coming up next.

Half A Month

Its been 15 days of fasting.

Time flies really fast, not that I’m complaining.

Another 15 days to go.

But before Raya, I will get to spend sometime with my gals.

A buka puasa probably at mid valley.

Its sort of like ice breaker before the main event after Raya.

Saying that I am abit nervous is an understatement.

Its been years since I last saw them.

Nervous.... but also excited.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Happy Ramadhan!

Ramadhan is upon us again.

It always surprises everyone that I fast.

I always fast a full month.

I might act like the devil all the time but I always try my best t be good during the Ramadhan month.

I am not a role model when it comes to Islam, but I do know whats wrong or right.

I try my best to atone for my sins that I do for the rest of the year.


I know thats weird but thats who I am.

Happy fasting. *wink*