Friday, April 23, 2010

How to Spot a Scammer!

Here are some tips on spotting a direct selling scam:


A MLM company without license is without a doubt suspicious. The usual line given by these scammers is that they are doing online business and a license is not required. That’s a whole load of BS! They are doing online because they CANT get a license!

If a company has license, it doesn’t automatically mean that they are legit. The license could be for the company to do other business.


Since Bank Negara stated collection of money without products is a violation of our financial laws, all scammer started to introduce half baked products into their schemes.

How do you know if the products are half baked?

Compare the value of product and money paid.

Can the product be sold at the same price?

RM360 for a tiny banner space on the internet.
RM1000 for a long sleeve shirt (not branded)
RM3600 for an overseas trip.
RM5000 for a diamond.

All products are below the value of money paid. The products are just there to cover the fact that they are running a money game.


It’s binary.

There is pairing bonus.

If you are good in calculations, you will see that the plan over pays.

Be careful, most scammers are very charming.

They are selling you a dream.

Their keyword is EASY!


True MLM promises high returns for HARD WORK!

MLM is for those who wants their hard work rewarded.

MLM is for those who wants to be financially independent!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Pasar Malam

Pasar malam! (Night Market)

Every Thursday night, I look forward to the pasar malam at OUG.

I can actually hear the groans out there…..

Pasar malam? Whats new?

Well, OUG pasar malam has all the usual food and fashion and everything right down to the kitchen sink. LOL

But OUG is different.

It has everything and more.


They have like the best Kue Teow Goreng and Popiah. They also have all kinds of sushi and shark’s fin. Yes you hear me correctly…. They have shark’s fin! *wink*

My fav food here is the Chou Toufu. It really stinks but bloody yummy!


Besides the usual cheap bargains, they actually sell branded items like Gucci, Guess, Armani and lots more.

Pirated you say? Come take a look and you will be surprised!

Speaking of pirates, the DVD pirates are always there.

Not 1, not 2… but at least 10 to cater for your every need. (Porn lovers will love them) LMAO

If there is such a thing as a high end pasar malam, this is it!

They cater to the rich but they still have all the usual.


Holla if you wanna check it out.

Thursday, April 8, 2010



That’s right.

I was talking about birthdays with a friend and I realised I know a few birthdays from people in my present and past.

Present is no biggie but the people in my past…… their birthday is kinda ingrained in my memory.

Here are the dates according to the calendar, not by importance.

Figure out yourself who they belong to…..

10 January

29 April

12 May

18 May

11 June

17 June

28 June

08 August

10 August

17 August

02 September

05 September

10 September

28 October

24 December


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Your Loss!

I suffer from the same ailment as my other half.

Though I keep advising her to not have high expectations on those around her and thus keeps getting disappointed, I believe I too is guilty of being in the same predicament.

She expects others to have common sense and is upset when others don’t.

Me on the other hand, expects everyone around me to be a straight shooter.

I am like so extremely disappointed.

Recently I got a complaint about the way I work from a client.

Under normal circumstances I would have just shrug it off as my boss knows my work is never an issue.

But what bug me is the fact that I was with the client for nearly 8 days, and his complaint was something that happened on the third day.

He had ample time to talk to me.

He had dozens of opportunities to express himself.

But no…. he chose to complain behind my back.

And to think that I was “taking care” of him.

I went out of my way to make sure he was alright when with me.

And this is what I get?

A knife in the back.

I guess I am just being naïve that if I treat someone well, they would do the same.

Maybe I should just be cold to the clients, then maybe they will appreciate me better.

But that’s just not me……


Its their loss if they cannot be a straight shooter.

I know my worth, I know what I am good at, I am confident of what I am doing.

Moving on……..

Thursday, April 1, 2010


Here are some lines from movies that I constantly use.

Have fun trying to guess which movies they come from.

“You want the truth? You cant handle the truth!”

“Do or not do, there is no try”

“You had me at hello….”

“Do you trust me?”

And my all time favourite…..

“Now is not the time for penis measurement”