Monday, July 28, 2008

Magic Duel

A very different game compared to other MMORPG games out there.

You need brains besides brawns.

You cant just keep attacking people to go stronger.

You actually need to lose as well.

Its a game of balance.

There are also lots of competition and puzzles for you to flex your brain muscles.

Basically, the direction of the game is based on the decisions made by the players.

You need to collect creatures to assist in your fights.

Creatures are different and plays are different role in fighting.

Not your standard the strongest is the best.

Brains is as important as your brawns.

Torn City

Its a game where I am on the wrong side of the law.

I get to do all sorts of crimes.

The more crimes I do, the higher level I go.

Also, I get to attack other players to gain more experience.

With the money I make from mugging or doing crimes, I can upgrade my residence, open my own business, gamble or just buy powerful weapons to attack more people.

It might be just a game, but you need to strategize and be business savvy to be good in the game.

Saturday, July 26, 2008


I know I know.....

Why have i been so quiet....?

Can't be helped.

My daily routine is sending Yana to work, hang out at cc, go home for lunch, watch some astro and play some PS. Day in day out.....

Anyway, I'm excited there is just another week to go before I start my work.

I plan to talk about my two online games before I start work.

Maybe you will join me there.... *wink*

Torn City and Magic Duel

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Well, its been like any other day at work.

The only difference is that I am serving my notice.

After lunch, my boss called me in and said she doesn't want to waste my time.

No point in me coming for work.

The company will pay me till the end of my notice.


This means I am on a month's break.... PAID!

I only start my new work on 1st August.

WTF am I gonna do for a month.

I spent nearly 2K on fixing the car, so I am broke.

I don't have a laptop yet.

How much astro can I watch?

How much PS can I play?

Hehehehe... I am freaking out from too much free time.

Once upon a time......

I still remember my first job.

I was a cook in KFC at Yow Chuan Plaza.

Right after SPM, when everyone was thinking about how to enjoy the vacations, I wanted to make money. It was supposedly a part-time job, but when you are working 6 days a week…. That’s as good as full time.

Other part-time jobs while studying includes working in 7-Eleven and Supermodel of the World. Nope… I wasn’t a model. I was employed as the “dude”. Only male there, so did all the heavy lifting. I did a runway show but that doesn’t qualify me as a model.

My first real job after finishing my education was with DeliParis.

Yes… DeliParis… a DeliFrance wannabe.

From a baker, I left as a Store Manager.

Then I was the Store Manager for Hop-In. (7-Eleven wannabe?)

From there I moved on to be a trainer in American Chilli’s. It was fun. I got to travel to Singapore and the States.

After getting in trouble in the States I had to make a decision.

I was young but do I want to make my mark in F&B.

I decided to change fields.

I want to get into sales. Hated sales, but I am not one who will walk away from a challenge. Started looking around and got myself work as a salesman. It was tough. Had to lug a trolley or big bag around selling goods to the public. It was tiring but the money was good. I was averaging RM80 to RM100 a day. You do the math.

Before long, I was promoted to be a manager. Then promoted again to be senior manager in charge of Kuantan. Had a blast. Had lots of fun… but had to resign because of family issues in Kuala Lumpur. I had just missed the birth of my first born. I vowed to stay by my family’s side.

Worked with an advertising company, ExtraBiz as an advertising executive. Not long after that the country was hit by the currency crisis. George Soros had attacked the ringgit. Advertising was badly affected by it. ExtraBiz had to close shop. I moved on to be a Business Development Manager with Silver Bullet, a production company. Couldn’t survive either. I was out of a job.

Worked as a part-time waiter in a golf course. The Monterez Golf Club.
One of the golfers there offered me a job as a Sales Executive selling chemicals. The product was watered down and cheap. Couldn’t penetrate the market.

Moved on to be a Operations Manager with a cleaning company. The bosses were at logger heads with each other. The business didn’t last long.

Got myself a position as a marketing executive in a direct selling company (MLM), Dymax Bio Blue. All was looking rosy until a new senior marketing manager joined and made my life miserable. Need to go. Need to leave.

An offer was made to me to be an Assistant Marketing Manager with another direct selling company, Axispax. I jumped. I was so glad. It was short lived. It’s a “Skim Cepat Kaya” company. I had to deal with disgruntled investors everyday. I toughen myself out. Told the management I would only handle overseas market. I was in charge of Singapore. The company crumbled under all the financial constraints.

Couldn’t get myself a proper job. Had a stint as a illegal broker with a Forex company. Made some money but the company was shut down by the authorities. Then tried my hand as a outbound tour guide. It was fun but SARS hit and tours were cancelled. My services no longer required. *sigh* Took a up a position as a telemarketer for Hilton. It was something to do until I find something better.

That something better was General Manager of Natural Products Distribution. Things are looking up. But my luck wouldn’t hold. The boss took out all the cash flow and started another company. I can’t run a company without money… I need to leave again.

I went for countless interviews. I was always told that I was over qualified.

At last VADS.

The job is to answer calls from Streamyx users who are facing problems. I worked my ass off. I was promoted to QMS Specialist, then QA Specialist, QA Supervisor and then the hot seat…. KM Lead. I was in charge of trainers. The position got my back full of holes. The back stabbing is crazy. I don’t care. I just want to do my job. But I had to leave when the doctor said that my BP was off the charts. I was too tense. I need to loosen up. I left.

Now I am a trainer with Pacnet. Its laid back, the money is good. No stress.

The only politics that’s happening is a bitchy staff and the Singaporean management trying to stop us from looking too good. Small potatoes compared to what I had to deal with in VADS.

Then a call came. I was asked to attend an interview with a Mr Lim. Supposedly for a telemarketing position.


Why not?

Whats the harm?

It turns out that the position is top management. I have to build a call center from scratch. The boss wants it totally online. The money he offered was something I wouldn’t and couldn’t resist.

And here we go again….. I am leaving.

A new challenge awaits.

A new start.

New Beginning

Here we go again…..

Every time I felt that I have finally found the company that I want to stay in…. I leave.

Today is the first day of my 1 month notice.

I will be starting at my new position on 1st August.

Its exciting, I cant wait.

Why do I want to leave?

Obviously because of the money.

The challenge is exciting too.

The money the new company is offering shows that they really really want me in.

Its nice to be wanted.

Its even nicer to know that they sought me out instead of me applying for it.

Not gonna mention the amount here but its money that I never though I can make.

I have dreamt about it but to actually see the figure on paper is too good to be true.

Anyways, didn’t feel sad about leaving here as I have made a point to keep everyone at arm’s length.

Made some friends but no good friends unlike my previous place.

Why? Probably I had an instinct that I wont be long here.