Monday, January 26, 2009

Chinese New Year

Its Chinese New Year.

Gong Xi Fa Chai!

The whole family is in Ampang.

My parents, Mark, Joey, Michelle, David, Emily, Alex and Natasha.

It would be perfect if Nadya and Jazmeen were here.

Have a new family, my colleugues.

Just came back from Kota Bharu yesterday, gonna go down to Johor day after tomorow.

Work is very tiring, at least I have my family with me.

Makes it all worth it.

Makes a heavy load lighter.

Makes a stressful situation bearable.

My family giving the loser sign to all those that cannot be with us to enjoy the beautiful beach in Marang.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Had a restless night.

Just couldn’t sleep.

Blogged twice.

Had to delete both when I remembered who my readers are.

Maybe I will repost it someday when things are better.

Until then….

Whole new day….

Same old shit?

Monday, January 19, 2009

My Team

I am proud.

As proud as a new father should be.

As proud as a new father holding his newborn.

Sita just said that she missed going to the office.

She miss the whole wacky gang.

This says a lot. This says that the office is a fun place to be.

It shows that the team is one.

It has always been my fear that my team cannot get along.

Do I have to favour 1 over another?

Its great that the team is getting along fantastic.

They might be fighting and quarrelling a lot but its all in the name of fun.

It’s the way they bond.

They all have cute little nicknames for each other.

Yana – Slutty Bitch

Alice – Fruitcake

Halim – Virgin Bastard

Sita – Stupid Whore

Hahahahaha…. If it fits why not.

Btw, they call me Fucking Bastard!

I was also called Fucking Machine.... hahahahaha

A rose by any other name... *wink*

Sunday, January 18, 2009

New Places

Just came back from a 6 day trip down south.

Went to places that I haven’t been before.

It was very tiring but it was so worth it when I went to Mersing. (There was also Kota Tinggi where I went to a few Feldas)

The hotel was wonderful, the people friendly and the weather perfect.

Cant say much about the place but will definitely venture around the next round as my current schedule was too tight.

Sita came along for this trip and it was incredible to see her transform from a stuttering newbie to a relaxed and confident person when presenting to potential leaders.

It was fun to see her infusing her quirkiness into her presentation.

Now to see if Halim has transformed as well.

Will take a picture of the whole team in my next blog.


Monday, January 12, 2009

My Day!


I am officially 38 now.

The day started with me reaching home at 3am.

Yup, just had an exhausting drive from the east coast.

Woke up late, didn’t even feel hungry. (probably its cause I had McD prosperity burger before going to sleep.) LOL

Had dinner with Yana at Bubba Gum’s. The food was alright but I had better.

Then to Sanctuary for some bootie shaking!

There were lots of people that I was hoping would turn up but I will not mention them.

Instead, I would like to thank those that did make it.

There wasn’t a lot of them, but its quality over quantity.

Yana, Diane, Benjamin, Dot, Halim, Sam, Dinesh and Haiza.

Thank you for taking the time out to make my night out a memorable one.

Love you guys!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year!


It was a great start to a new year.

Woke up late.

Thought of eating breakfast but was distracted by an afternoon delight. *wink*

Then had “lunch” at Old Town White Coffee. Yummy!

Went off to Mid Valley to watch Ip Man. Great Movie.

Went shopping for my CNY clothes.

My baby bought me my birthday gift.

I know its early. (Its on the 10th Jan for those who doesn’t know)

It’s a watch. Damn cool watch. Hehehehe….

Then home for a much needed rest.

A perfect day indeed.