Tuesday, March 30, 2010


For the benefit of those who ask why am I such an ass who keeps cutting off friends….

First and foremost, I do not take the term friends lightly.

I am limited to just 24 hours a day and I have to juggle my time between work, family, leisure and friends.

Its impossible for me to have like a thousand friends, there is no way I can have anytime for anything else.

I have tons of acquaintances that I hardly talk with.

Friends…. I have only a few.

A few that I truly care for and work at making sure they do not get neglected.

Why then do I cut them off when they do something stupid?

Well, I do stupid things all the time. Its just me.

I say the darnest things at the strangest times.

Random shit spews out of my mouth at the most inappropriate situations.

I welcome stupidity and randomness. Its fun.

I never cut friends off for doing that.

I only cut them off when I no longer feel that they have my back.

I only have a few friends.

I do not ask for much.

I only ask that I can trust them to watch my back when the time calls for it.

When your actions betray the people that cares and love you, it shows a basic attitude that cannot be changed and I cannot accept it.

I have always talk about the power of choice in our lives.

I choose not to think about you.

I choose not to care for you.

I choose not to be associated with you.

Peace out!


I shot the picture when I was up north.




Taxpayers money down the drain.

Good Bye & Good Luck!

Its been sometime since I wanted to blog about this, but I wanted to cool down and let the dust settle.

I do not want to react or to look like I am reacting.

You are my brother, though I do not show it, I do care for you.

She is my sister, and it was wonderful news when I first heard that both of you are dating.

I have my doubts, but I never show it as I wanted to be as supportive as I can.

I was not surprised when the both of you broke up and I was pleased that the both of you can still remain as friends.

But when the both of you hook up again, I feared for the worse.

And my fear came true.

Again you guys broke up but this time cannot remain as friends.

The sad part is that you pulled away from us too.

You don’t answer our calls, our buzz in ym… your messages.

Then we found out that you got engaged.

You kept it from us, and that hurts.

And when we finally manage to chat with you, you played the victim, you played the helpless pathetic victim and accuse us of being bias.

All that even before you knew how we feel.

You assume we will be on her side when in actual fact we were on nobody’s side.

We were just annoyed that you got engaged and didn’t keep us in the loop.

Was it wrong to be annoyed?


I will respect your decision to choose “offence as the best defence”.

I will not shoot you down or point out all your mistakes.

I am just sad that you think we cannot accept you, flaws and all.

I heard that you have moved on to greener pastures.

I wish you the best of luck and may you be happy with all the decisions you have made.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Seriously...... WTF!

Went clubbing at Borneo Rainforest.

First time there coz the Big Band was playing.

The band was good as usual and the DJ was playing some retro.

All good until…….

This dude came in.

He was wearing long shorts, tshirt, slippers and a fanny pack.


I know I am gonna sound like a snob but seriously….. WTF!

I am not saying he should be discriminated against for his dressing but…. WTF!

If he sits in a corner minding his own business…. but nooo…..

He is right in front prancing around on the dance floor right in front of the band.

I say prancing instead of dancing coz if he did that in broad daylight in public, people will actually think he has got a bad case of Mad Cow Disease.

Well, he added to my amusement on an otherwise fun filled night.


Friday, March 19, 2010

If Only They Know

Just got a sms from my niece with her wish list for her 14th birthday.

The list is your normal clothes, accessories, bags and what nots.

I guess its normal for her to ask for that as she studying in a private school and have her own laptop and handphone.

Not saying it is wrong as her parents are blessed with the ability to give the modern day comforts.

I am in Sabah now.

Every morning I will go downtown to have my breakfast at the same place.

There are always illegal cigarette sellers.

They would be sitting beside the roads or corners waiting for customers.

Their children would use their surroundings as their playgrounds.

This morning, something caught my eye.

This girl was playing skipping, with a “skipping rope”.

The rope is actually three pieces of assortment of knick knacks.

I only recognise one of it being the strap of a handbag.

She is having fun same like another boy who is having fun with a cardboard box.

I doubt she will be going to school but she is having fun.

I wonder how my niece feels about this.

I wonder if my niece knows how lucky she is.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tis The Season........


Its like a season for it or something.

Two of my friends just got pregnant.

It should be a time of celebration but they are not married and their “boyfriends” are not interested in more than having a good time in bed.


One is 24 with a boyfriend that is not ready for any responsibility.

The second is 16…….

Yup….. the boyfriend is gonna be arrested when the word gets out.

Sheeeessshhh…….. Don’t FUCK if you don’t know how to do it right!!!!

These guys are really giving all men a bad name.

Doesn’t help that the gals do not have safe sex!

If you don’t like the feel of a rubber covered dick, make sure the guy knows what the fuck he is doing.

Dont wanna get involved coz I know the direction that they will be heading.

If only they know how precious a new born baby is.

Dream On


Life is ironic.

I had a dream.

It’s a beautiful dream.

It was so beautiful, I knew it was a dream and I had to wake myself up.

I dreamt I was spending the school holidays with my two beautiful girls.

It pains me to my core coz I knew it was not real.

The last straw was when Jazmeen gave me a hug, kiss my cheeks and whispered “I Miss You Daddy”

I literally woke myself up coz it was too painful.

I love you Nadya and Jazmeen…… wherever you are.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I got pulled over today for speeding.

Nothing new since I speed up and down the highways whenever I am on a road trip.

But I am pissed.

Not at the smiling traffic police who was extremely polite but pissed at myself!

That’s right! At myself!

When the cop asked for my licence…. I asked how fast was I going?

Normally I wont ask as I know I was speeding but today I was just chillin.

The cop said 124…… WTF!

I was caught with 124!!!!

I was pissed coz I normally drive at 150 to 160.

On the day I was not speeding (that’s me not speeding if I am below 150) I get summoned!


Yana had a good laugh when she saw the ticket coz she noticed the 124!


Grrrr….. I guess I should always do 150 if I am going to get a ticket for just 124!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

What The........?

I am currently in Melaka.

On the road again.

Some are asking how bad is my travelling?

Well, for the month of March, I will be on the road for 20 days!!!

Thank god for the internet.

And now with the blackberry, I will be online more often.

Some say its great that I get to travel so much.

Its only great if its done once in a while.

But when you travel as much as I do, its very tiring.

No place like home, and keep in mind, I am not here for fun and games.

Its work.