Tuesday, March 30, 2010


For the benefit of those who ask why am I such an ass who keeps cutting off friends….

First and foremost, I do not take the term friends lightly.

I am limited to just 24 hours a day and I have to juggle my time between work, family, leisure and friends.

Its impossible for me to have like a thousand friends, there is no way I can have anytime for anything else.

I have tons of acquaintances that I hardly talk with.

Friends…. I have only a few.

A few that I truly care for and work at making sure they do not get neglected.

Why then do I cut them off when they do something stupid?

Well, I do stupid things all the time. Its just me.

I say the darnest things at the strangest times.

Random shit spews out of my mouth at the most inappropriate situations.

I welcome stupidity and randomness. Its fun.

I never cut friends off for doing that.

I only cut them off when I no longer feel that they have my back.

I only have a few friends.

I do not ask for much.

I only ask that I can trust them to watch my back when the time calls for it.

When your actions betray the people that cares and love you, it shows a basic attitude that cannot be changed and I cannot accept it.

I have always talk about the power of choice in our lives.

I choose not to think about you.

I choose not to care for you.

I choose not to be associated with you.

Peace out!