Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Quis ut Deus

It is both an oxymoron and an irony.

We are made in his image, and yet for all our Godly qualities, we can behave like the Devil himself.

I am a father of two.

I have felt the blessings of seeing my own flesh and blood growing, and have also felt the pain of losing my own flesh and blood.

It is even worse when the lost is due to my own actions.

The power to give life and take away.

I have experienced both.

I can be God like, but I would rather be a mere mortal just to be able to hold my babies in my arms again.

Quis ut Deus, a constant reminder of ones abilities to do good, but beware of the power to create destruction.

No good without evil.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Checklist: Places To Visit

After going to China, I thirst to travel more.

Too bad I didn’t get to see the Great Wall of China.

Here is the list of some of the wonders of the world that I want to visit before I…….

Great Wall of China

Coliseum in Rome

The Grand Canyon in US

Pyramids in Egypt

Angkor Wat in Myanmar

Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy

Mayan Pyramid in Mexico

These are my seven wonders that I must see.

More From China

Here is another pic of Michael. He blows the bugle as a beacon when someone is missing.

A beautiful gazebo in the middle of a bustling city.

Two beautiful gir… opps I mean two nice looking guys.

A cabbage made entirely from jade, a single stone. Its bigger than a cat. Its huge.

The sign says “Do Not Step On Grass”

Taken from the top of the temple. Batu Caves is nothing compared to the stairs I had to take to get up there. The stairs you see is not even half that I had to climb.

A beautiful pagoda that is from the side of a stone cliff.

Nanjing Road. A tourist attraction and a shopping paradise. If you want bargains, go into the alleys but be prepared to fight your way out. Not for the meek.

I went online in my room’s computer. Hehehe….

Friday, October 23, 2009


China trip was great.

The weather, the food…… and of course, the shopping!

Stuff there is really, really cheap.

Wish I have more money.

I got like 300 over pics and there is no way I will upload everything.

So just gonna share some of my fav ones.

My zany tour guide, Micheal. He is funny and abit crazy. Saw a group of westerners and he said Bonjour, and when he didn’t get a respond, he said they are not French and when he said Namaste to a dude that looks Indian and was ignored, he told us the dude is probably deaf. Our tour guide made our trip more memorable.

The whole gang. From left, Yana, myself, Danny, Maggie, Lily, Benny, Lily, Daniel, Ben, H, Kak Ros and hubby, Uncle Ong, Kelvin and Kama. All with their weird personalities.

A very beautiful hanging pedestrian bridge. Why cant Malaysia come up with something so practical and beautiful?

This is not a temple, but is actually part of a shopping haven called Old Shanghai. Very nice!

Its not the grim reaper. Just me scaring the locals with my hood.

Went to the place called Xin Chang where epic Chinese movies are made. The place is really beautiful and picturesque.

This a saleslady explaining how strong Chinese silk is and showing how it cannot be torn.When she asked me and Daniel to pull at it to prove her point….. I TORE IT! Hahahahaha… she doesn’t know my strength.

Here is me looking down on Shanghai from the 94th floor of Shanghai’s tallest building. Yes, I conquered my fears for a minute to take that pic.

Its cool during the day but night time is cold.

Stop bugging me…. I’m tired from walking the whole day.

Will definitely go back.

So much more to buy, and so much more to see!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

I Am Malaysian

That’s my normal answer when someone ask me what am I

I am Malaysian

Its always amusing when people need to know what am I

Its even more amusing when people just assume

I always love the look of surprise on those that starts talking to me in BM and I answer in Chinese

I know how they feel as I have been guilty of the same thing

Once, I got off the plane at 1am, went to my hotel and as I was entering the lobby, this hot looking chick was right in front of me

To my delight, she went to the lift and I went in with her

I started to talk to her in BM and she went blank

I thought she was being snooty, then it dawned on me that she might not understand, so I spoke to her in English


She understood

She is Filipino

Very nice

On another occasion, I sat next to a fine looking Chinese lady.

Spoke to her in English, she went blank.

Spoke in BM, and she just shrugged.

Spoke to her in Chinese, and she smiled and replied that she is from China.

Again…. Very nice

Hmmmm… the mysteries of starting a conversation with a stranger, love it!