Saturday, October 10, 2009

I Am Malaysian

That’s my normal answer when someone ask me what am I

I am Malaysian

Its always amusing when people need to know what am I

Its even more amusing when people just assume

I always love the look of surprise on those that starts talking to me in BM and I answer in Chinese

I know how they feel as I have been guilty of the same thing

Once, I got off the plane at 1am, went to my hotel and as I was entering the lobby, this hot looking chick was right in front of me

To my delight, she went to the lift and I went in with her

I started to talk to her in BM and she went blank

I thought she was being snooty, then it dawned on me that she might not understand, so I spoke to her in English


She understood

She is Filipino

Very nice

On another occasion, I sat next to a fine looking Chinese lady.

Spoke to her in English, she went blank.

Spoke in BM, and she just shrugged.

Spoke to her in Chinese, and she smiled and replied that she is from China.

Again…. Very nice

Hmmmm… the mysteries of starting a conversation with a stranger, love it!