Saturday, May 23, 2009

Sad But True

It’s a sad day when being nice can get you in trouble.

The other day at the airport, an elderly lady asked if I can help her.

She has checked in her luggage but she has an extra hand luggage that she forgot to check it in and is asking if I can carry it for her.

I just said no and walked away.

Some might see it as cold and unfeeling but helping her might get me hanged.

That’s how unsuspecting mules are made.

You helped someone out and next thing you know, you have drugs found on you.

Maybe she was genuine, but do you want to take the risk?

Not me, I value my freedom too much.

So, the next time you are at the airport, be careful who’s luggage you are carrying.

It could be your last.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Nope…. I am not gonna lay on a couch and tell you about my relationship with my mother.

Its more like getting to know me better at work.

The boss is only as good as his team.

Yup, if the team suck, I suck too! (Sound so wrong. LOL)

But that’s what I believe in.

I need my team to be able to make decisions in all kinds of different situations.

Flexible but also firm. (Yummy! *wink*)

Anyways I am sure everyone has heard of the saying “If I catch you a fish, you will eat fish for a day, If I teach you how to fish, you can eat fish forever”.

Therefore I tend not to make decisions for my team.

I prefer them to look at a situation, make a decision and justify it.

There has been many instances that I do not agree with some decisions made by other HODs but I go along with it after voicing my objection.

This is called agreeing to disagree.

Not everyone will have the same principles or the same thoughts.

Versatility makes us colourful and interesting.

The thing is….. Normally, most of the time, people wants you to agree with them.

And when you don’t, they will try their best to persuade you to agree.

Why cant we agree to disagree?


Anyways, here is the thing……

You have made up your mind on what you want to do, but it made you feel guilty as it would mean letting your friend down.

So, you tried to tell me your problem and hopefully I would make that decision for you.

Actually I already can see that you have made up your mind.

You need not justify to me your reasons, you just need to stand your ground.

But instead you start telling me how it would affect you.

Keep in mind, I am a problem solver.

You throw a reason at me, I just knock it out of the ball park.

You just needed to say that your family is your priority and you needed the time off.

I wouldn’t have been able to knock that one down.

So, you get frustrated because I do not see things your way.

And finally, you found a HOD who gave you your solution.

Aiyoo… that solution has always been in you.

Why do you need someone else to make it for you?

It was a test for you because when in management, we need to stand our ground when making decisions.

You failed my dear.

It was not a total loss.

At least now I know you better.

Being in management means that you will have to make hard and unpopular decisions.

Being in a position of responsibility means that you need to upgrade and train your team.

Being in a position of power means that you need to see the big picture.

Each action has a reaction.

You are one of the nicest person that I have ever met.

But you need to learn to stand your ground.

Always remember, one good strong reason to justify your action is better than 10 lame excuses.

Until the next time we have a debate….. lets agree to disagree. *wink*

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Initially the plan was to go to Batam next month (work purposes) but the plan might be changed.

We are getting feedback there are currently distributors from Medan, Surabaya, Jakarta....

Might have to go to all these places.

H said I should become the country manager for Indonesia.

I am flattered but I think I will think about it when the market there is stable.

Now I just want to concentrate on developing the market.

A new market.

A new adventure.


Still Talking About That Fellow Ah?

Someone came to me and told me not to be sad.

I have done everything that can be done

Its no longer my fault.

Though I wont disagree with her, I still feel sad.

Losing a "family" is never easy.

Losing a family in a bad way is even worse.

Not that he did anything to make things easier.

Even with him gone, his "presence" is still felt.

Quotations not confirmed, reservations not made.

Sheesh.... he really went out of his way to screw himself.

Now everybody has more reasons to say he deserves what he got.

I have left lots of organizations and I always try my best to leave in the best of light.

I dont understand why would anyone purposely tarnish their own reputation just to score a few minutes of "doing my own thing" time.

Is that how they want to be remembered?


I guess it takes all kinds.

Maybe I am being idealistic in thinking that by being a big brother, some of my work ethics would rub off on him.

I guess I was wrong.

Thus the dissapointment and being sad.

Yes, I am no longer angry, I have moved on.

But I still think of him.

I will not apologise for the harsh words said, or to say that its water under the bridge.

I just hope that he learns fast and not come to his senses when its already too late.

He has lots of potential but he needs to find himself before he gets totally lost.

I am sad because I am not a "fridge".

I have feelings.

I get disappointed, then angry... finally sad.

Losing a bro is always hard.

Monday, May 11, 2009


Am I bad tempered?

I guess you can say I am.

But the thing is I seldom lose my temper.

Am I judgemental?

Of course I am!

At least I admit I am rather than pretending to be all nice but is a back stabber.

But I never get angry when others do not adhere to my ideas or principles.

I am opiniated and loud.

But I dont force my values on others.

To everyone their own.

Just dont "menyusahkan" others.

You make your own bed, you sleep in it.

I usually fly off the handle when others are dragged into your problems due to your own stupidity.

You dig your own grave, please dont pull others into it.

So, please understand that as long as you kill yourself, hurt yourself, bury your ownself, I only feel sad and dissaponited but I will not get angry.

But when your moronic actions create problems for others around you, thats when you will see the ugly side of me.

I am protective over the people that I care about.

If I care about you of course I will want to help you.

If you turn down my help, I wont be offended.

If you turn a deaf ear to me, I wont be angry.

No forgiveness required as I still care.

But when you knowingly hurt the people I care about, allowing your moronic principles to create headaches for those around you, believing in only saving your own ass thus making others look stupid..... I just cut you off.

I used to believe in getting even... now I just believe you are not worth my brain cells.

There are more important people that I care about.

People who deserves my time and attention.

I am moving on.... but of course I need to express myself before moving on.

Thus the angry rantings.

Hehehe.... I've moved on.


Saturday, May 9, 2009

I Am Pissed!

I am pissed, disappointed and bewilded!

What the fuck is wrong with him!

Those who know me know that I place brotherhood as a very important aspect of my life.

To trust and to be trusted.

To believe that we watch each others back at all times.

I have always practiced that where ever I am, especially so when I have a team.

I treat my team like family.

Halim, in VADS, you were my colleague first, then join my team and became a "brother".

When I left VADS to join PACNET, it was with a heavy heart when I had to leave behind my family... Kak Ju, William, Diane and of course Halim.

In PACNET, I was feeling lonely as I couldnt find a family there, prompting me to look as else where.

Joining NANANG, starting a new team, I brought you in because I know it was an opportunity for you to prove yourself.

Opportunity that very few ever get in their lifes.

An opportunity to better yourself and make a name for yourself.

I know you were having problems with the new responsibilities and was screwing up.

Ben and myself discussed ways to help you, trying to find your strength to allow you to get better.

Still you screwed up.

I didnt know what to do but Ben is still trying.

And what the FUCK did you do!

You made a mistake, didnt tell anyone, stand by the sidelines while your bosses tried to fight a battle not knowing that the person we were attacking was innocent.

Then, you just kept your FUCKING mouth shut while your friend Sita took the whole blame.

You allowed your bosses who cares about you look like fools.

You allowed your brother to make a fool of himself.

You allowed Sita (who helped you financially even though she has problems of her own) to take the rap for your mistake.

How the FUCK do you sleep at night?

I dont mind teaching you when you were screwing up.

I dont mind helping when you had problems.

But what kind of FUCKING attitude it is to see everyone who cares about you taking a fall for your incompetence.

You just wanted to save your own ass.

Did you not see me in VADS taking responsibilities for others mistakes?

I did it because I was the team leader.

I did it because I knew exactly who did what!

But you kept silent, not telling anyone, not even owning up to your own mistake.

The worse is misleading the bosses that the mistake was done by other person.

It pisses me off that I trusted you and was trying to help you.

Is this the gratitude that Ben, Sita and myself deserve?

One last advice before I cut you out of my life (believe me I would prefer to cut more than that)

You will fail in what you do.

You will be called a loser.

You will be a nobody.

And this is not because there is somebody out there who is out to get you.

It is because you have the attitude of a FUCKED UP, UNGRATEFUL SON OF A BITCH!

Goodnight and good riddance!


The fish tankers.....

We are called that coz our office is in the middle of the call centre and it is surrounded by glass like an aquarium, thus the name fish tank.

The six of us were very close.

Standing from left.

Fiza. A quiet one who at times can spew out lava that can burn you right thru the heart.

Dinesh. My bro. Someone that I can trust my life with. A great friend who is there for me when I need his help.

Q. The emo one. Another friend that I am proud to call bro. An interesting individual who I know I can rely on.

Sitted from left.

Diane. OMG! A female version of me. Hahahaha.... Love her to bits! Beware dudes who hurt her.

Mala @ Allyssa. What can I say? Cant live with her, cant live without her. Has the ability to annoy me all the time but I have no choice but to bear with it. She is a great friend and my sis. =P

Miss the gang.

Miss our adventures.

Miss our fights with management.

Miss our crazy moments together.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Missing The Good Ole Days

Semangat Yang Hilang - XPDC

Jika engkau seorang
Juang hingga titisan
Rempuh tak berharapan

Nanti aku disana
Diufuk pemikiran
Lalu menghayatinya

Di dalam kubur manapun
Jasad aku ditanam
Aku akulah jua
Kita laksanakan
Mati hati yang damai
Disana kejujuran

Semarak impian
Segunung harap dujulang
Usah diragukan
Keupayaan diri

Api yang membara
Mengikutkan kata apa
Jawapannya disini
Semangat kita hilang

Semangat yang hilang
Kita cari pulang


Miss the gang in the fish tank.

Song dedicated to my bro.

Miss you guys!

Friday, May 1, 2009


Here is something to think about.

Mel & Kurier?

Isnt that a direct usage of "Mail & Courier"?

Shouldnt it be Surat & Penghantaran?

And to think that this is found at LCCT where thousands of people can see it.

Its kinda embarassing to think that we dont even know our own language.

Whats the point on harping on the pride of our national language when we have our own postal service screwing it up publicly for all to see.

Here is another strange item.

Root beer from Gardenia.

Found it in Kota Kinabalu.

Gardenia diversifing?