Monday, May 11, 2009


Am I bad tempered?

I guess you can say I am.

But the thing is I seldom lose my temper.

Am I judgemental?

Of course I am!

At least I admit I am rather than pretending to be all nice but is a back stabber.

But I never get angry when others do not adhere to my ideas or principles.

I am opiniated and loud.

But I dont force my values on others.

To everyone their own.

Just dont "menyusahkan" others.

You make your own bed, you sleep in it.

I usually fly off the handle when others are dragged into your problems due to your own stupidity.

You dig your own grave, please dont pull others into it.

So, please understand that as long as you kill yourself, hurt yourself, bury your ownself, I only feel sad and dissaponited but I will not get angry.

But when your moronic actions create problems for others around you, thats when you will see the ugly side of me.

I am protective over the people that I care about.

If I care about you of course I will want to help you.

If you turn down my help, I wont be offended.

If you turn a deaf ear to me, I wont be angry.

No forgiveness required as I still care.

But when you knowingly hurt the people I care about, allowing your moronic principles to create headaches for those around you, believing in only saving your own ass thus making others look stupid..... I just cut you off.

I used to believe in getting even... now I just believe you are not worth my brain cells.

There are more important people that I care about.

People who deserves my time and attention.

I am moving on.... but of course I need to express myself before moving on.

Thus the angry rantings.

Hehehe.... I've moved on.