Wednesday, February 29, 2012

New Passport

My passport was left with only 6 months validity, forcing me to renew it.

Hate transactions with the government.

There is always something that screws up.

Anyways, it was not a start when the Immigration office that I went to says they dont renew passports.

I need to go to another branch.


So off on a search of the unknown branch that I have not heard of.

(Btw, this is all happening in Kelana Jaya)

When I found the branch, it was a corner shoplot right at the end of everything.

Fine, on a positive note, I didnt waste too much time looking for it.

On entering, there was a smiley elderly dude who is handling the information counter.

Good start indeed.

I am using automation, hence no need for number but line up for a single kiosk.

Again, WTF!

Promoting automation but only one freaking kiosk for the hundreds that turn up???

Anyways, I got in line and observed those in front.

The ones that do it really fast at the kiosk is either they follow the instructions on the screen or they got rejected by the kiosk.

Dont even get me started on Malaysians who dont follow instructions.

Anyways, the kiosk require to read the passport and MyKad together (both chips required) and there were a few that the chips dont work.

Malaysia Boleh!

Guess what?

I have the same fucking problem.

After being in line for half hour I got rejected!

So off to get a number and process my application manually.

Unnecessary waste of time that.

Technology is suppose to be make our lives better, not annoying the crap out of me.


Sunday, February 26, 2012

New Challenge

Challenge thrown at me


Challenge accepted!

My Wing "Men"

Thats right!

I now have 3 wing "men"

Not 1, not 2 but 3!

My besties are the best!




Things are gonna be happening!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Too Old For This Shit!

Went clubbing two nights in a row.

First night, I went to Gosh and was in there till 5am.

Reach home around 6am.

My usual gang was with me, my baby, Diane, Jess and Nur.

Mei Lyn tagged along.

Merl joined later with her hubby.

The next night went to Mist since we got VIP passes for FlyFM Club Access.

I was already tired before I entered the club.

Only my baby, Diane and Jess was with me as there was only 4 passes.

Didn't really enjoy myself as I was freakingly tired.

I am getting too old to club two consecutive nights!!!


Friday, February 10, 2012

Accepted and Delivered!

I did it!

I delivered my presentation in Cantonese.

It was a 4 hour presentation which I did alone without any help.

I was suppose to get help from another trainer but that guy was not prepared and I was on a roll!

Is it narcissistic for me to say that I am good?


Anyways, everyone had a good time and I reached my objective.

Now looking forward to more Chinese presentation.


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Challenge Accepted!

Tomorrow is gonna be a true challenge for me.

For those who doesnt know, I am a Master Trainer that focuses on training in Indonesia.

I frequently go to Indonesia on weekends to conduct training.

H has informed me that I only do training in Indonesia and to ignore marketing and Malaysia.

He will hire a local trainer that can speak and train in Chinese.

Guess what, business picked up and I need to train tomorrow.

In Chinese!!!!

I am suppose to be supported by another trainer but that guy is not prepared and has just confirmed that he will be late.

The pressure is on me.

I am stressed out!!!

Wish me luck!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012



Thats what my baby likes to tell me.

Everytime I dont smile I look too serious.

Intimidating everyone around me.

Not my fault I am born with a fierce look.

I do not smile for no reason.

Currently there are a lot of reasons for me to NOT smile.

But I will smile when I smile.

My glass is half full.

There is hope.

I will smile!


Went clubbing last night.

Yes, I still club.

Been going to Gosh! whenever I get the chance.

Not as often as my baby, coz I am normally tired from work.

My usual gang, Diane, Jess and of course my baby.

I enter a club, grab a drink and sit back and take in the whole scene.

I love watching people.

No, no, no..... I am not just checking out the hot chicks, but I observe everyone.

Of course hot chicks get more of my attention *wink*

I only dance when I am buzzed.

If I am tired of the club scene I would follow The Big Band around like a teenage hormone charged groupie! LOL!

The band leader is my childhood friend and they play songs that I like.

For now, I am into the Gosh! scene.

It helps that I love watching my baby in "action".


Monday, February 6, 2012

Back To The Mechanic!

The car during the weekend gave off a slight burning smell from under the hood.

Went to the mechanic with a sense of dread.

Well, the mechanic only took a minute of looking under the hood to notice there is oil leak.

The carburetor casing has cracked!!!


On a positive note, the car is usable.

I just need to top up the engine oil all the time.

The mechanic will let me know the cost tomorrow.

The end of the month is not even near and I know I will be spending on the car......


At least I have a job.

Think positive, think positive........

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Filling In The Blanks: CNY

I am sooooo looking forward to the year of the dragon.

Not that I am superstitious but I have been told my luck will be better when the dragon year arrives.

With all the crap that has happened, how can I not be hopeful?

A few days before CNY, my mom needed to go for a back bone surgery.

She came out fine but she cant stand or sit for long duration.

That means no CNY cooking from her.

Its not the same without her cooking.

Gave me a glimpse of what CNY will be like when she is no longer around.

I dont like what I see.

I told myself when my finances are better, I will learn to cook from her.

Why not now?

Coz I am broke, and I would need to buy the raw ingredients to cook with.

Its not cheap.

Anyways, she cant teach yet.

Gotta wait for her to get back on her feet first.

Hence I only spend two days to celebrate CNY.

I promise I will cook like her (CNY dish) before the end of the year!

Filling In The Blanks: Birthday

Bless my darling's heart.

She wanted to throw a party to celebrate my birthday.

I told her no.

Financially we cant afford it.

I dont need to celebrate every birthday.

It didnt help that I am still guilty for not celebrating her birthday.

Just knowing that she is always by my side is good enough for me.

Knowing that she loves me is a present that keeps giving.

I love you baby!

Filling In The Blanks: New Years

I started the New Years at home.

Had close friends come over and it was a simple affair.

Thank you Mei Lyn, Diane and Alyssa for coming over.

Its nice to know that during hard times, friends are always there for you.

Filling In The Blanks

I will be posting under the same title for a few times.

This is because there is so much that needs to be updated.

I need to do this to remind myself what has happened.

My bad for not blogging consistently.

Memories..... I need them.

I Am Back!

Its been months since I last posted.

In a nutshell, my car has been draining me financially every freaking month.

The worse was when my car broke down on the highway when I was going to Johor.

The workshop screwed up my car and I had to pay 4K for it.

I didn’t have a choice. I was at their mercy.

In the last few months, I had to change the ac compressor, gear box, fuel pump, power window, top over haul, water pump and other small stuff.

I had to take the public transport for nearly a month because I ran out of money to fix my car.

On the professional front, I went back to work with H.

I love working with H, and it was an easy decision because my previous GM was a moron who loves playing politics.

I am now a Master Trainer in Nanang International and goes to Indonesia almost every weekend.

More news on Indonesia later.

Personally, I am lucky to have a partner who has been very supportive when I was down financially.

My mom went for a surgery a few days before CNY, causing CNY celebrations to be a sombre affair.

I am still financially screwed, but things will get better with Nanang.

Just need to tough it out for the next few months.

I have been tweeting loads instead of blogging, but I need to blog again.

I am back, better, stronger and more focused!