Sunday, February 5, 2012

Filling In The Blanks: CNY

I am sooooo looking forward to the year of the dragon.

Not that I am superstitious but I have been told my luck will be better when the dragon year arrives.

With all the crap that has happened, how can I not be hopeful?

A few days before CNY, my mom needed to go for a back bone surgery.

She came out fine but she cant stand or sit for long duration.

That means no CNY cooking from her.

Its not the same without her cooking.

Gave me a glimpse of what CNY will be like when she is no longer around.

I dont like what I see.

I told myself when my finances are better, I will learn to cook from her.

Why not now?

Coz I am broke, and I would need to buy the raw ingredients to cook with.

Its not cheap.

Anyways, she cant teach yet.

Gotta wait for her to get back on her feet first.

Hence I only spend two days to celebrate CNY.

I promise I will cook like her (CNY dish) before the end of the year!