Friday, March 25, 2011

Car Situation

Bought the wrong battery - RM299.00

Fried the car's circuits and had to be towed - RM140.00

Replacing circuit board at workshop - RM375.00

Learning how to identify the right battery - PRICELESS!!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Square One

Its like I just hit the reboot button.

Everything back to nothing.

I have officially cut off all ties with my previous employer.

Liquidated the company, terminated the rental, made a police report and sent an official email to him for all that I have done.

Even after liquidating everything, he still owes me money.

Legal advice was to sue his ass but I don’t have time to deal with scumbags.

Actually I do but I do not want to waste it chasing an asshole who doesn’t want to be found.

I do have legal and illegal resources at my disposal but I believe my quality of life would be better by putting him in my past.

I just got a callback for a second interview for an MNC to be based in Jakarta.

I would rather concentrate on that.

I am also in a competition in FB that’s keeping me busy.

Not to mention a movie marathon this weekend with my babies.

All positive aspects in my life that I should focus on.

Not gonna dwell on a bastard who thinks that he can play God with people’s life just because he has lots of money.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tomorrow Has To Come

Tomorrow I will be making a report against my boss.

He has declined to pay my salary due to his own problems.

Under normal circumstances I would just move on.

I do not like drama or scenes.

But I cannot afford it.

He owes me and I need the money.

I have to lock down the office and make a formal complaint at the Labour Department.


All I wanted is work and get paid.

Hate politics and unprofessional people.

Its horrible when the boss is the unprofessional one.

Gotta move on.... have given him an ultimatum and he has ignored me.

I hope our Labour Department is efficient in getting my salary.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Bosses From Hell

I just changed job recently because the perks provided was too good to be passed up.

Now I find out he is a boss from hell.

I don’t mind if the boss is cranky, foul mouth or a slave driver.

I can deal with it.

But I am referring to bosses who don’t pay (when they have oodles of cash in their personal account).

My current boss refuses to pay because there is no business.

Its not my fault but he is blaming me.

I cant bring in the business if the company is not registered!

Its not registered because he took more than a month to register!

I have had other bosses like that.

1.Boss refuses to pay because he had a falling out with his partner. He told me to get it from his partner. His partner has ran away!!!

2. No salary because business is bad. The business is bad because the boss insists on playing hours of snooker with management and me! How the F&*# are we suppose to do marketing???

The thing that gets me pissed off is that these fuckers are rich!

They would rather screw the working class than to be responsible.

Now I have to go job hunting.


Monday, March 7, 2011

Black March

Everything that can go wrong went wrong.

I started March with dread, hoping that my fears will not come true....

Its not confirmed yet, but the month is shaping up to be my worst case scenario.

I took a gamble late last year and it looks like things are not shaping up as expected.

Back to the drawing board.