Friday, December 31, 2010

Goodbye 2010

It’s the last day of the year.

Time for reflection.

The first half of the year was…. Just normal.

Nothing new or exciting.

Second half was great.

Went to Beijing (was in shopping heaven)

Had a blast with my gals (after not seeing them for two years)

Finally did renovations to my place (at last a working kitchen)

Had an unexpected job offer (starting in January)

New year offers new challenges and I am all geared up for it.


Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Tribute To A Great Boss

Its not a myth!

There is such a thing as a great boss.

His name is H.

When I was given an offer I cannot refuse, my first concern was how to tell him.

I couldn’t sleep…. I tossed and turned all night.

The next day, I was nervous and worried.

I am worried that I would disappoint him but I needed the challenge that was offered.

When at last he came in, I broke the news to him.

I felt his concern for my well being when he heard it’s a new company.

That’s H…. his ability to show concern for others over his own.

To quote the driver, “Tak tahula saya, bila dia cakap Hello Bro, saya terus cair”, meaning he can never get angry with H.

There are so many instances that exemplified his character, but there isn’t enough space here to write it all down.

I just want to say that during his birthday and I was walking around with him in the club, I wasn’t being protective because he is my boss, I was protective because I think of him as my bro.

He is no longer my boss, but he will always be my bro and friend.

My new journey starts with a great appreciation of what a great boss should be.

My new adventure begins with the believe that doing the right thing is its own reward.

My new year commences with the knowledge that I have a friend that I can confide.

I pray that he achieves the success that reflects the passion that he has for life, work and relationships.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

At Last, With My Gals

Its been 2 years since I last saw my gals.

Its great that I get to have them for 3 days.

Instead of boring them with my presence for three days, I got some of their cousins to join us.

Aishah, Dijah, Sarah, Farish and Michelle will be joining Nadya and Jazmeen.

On the first day I took them to a beading class.

And because of the heavy rain, we went to karaoke instead of the Bird Park.

More than 4 freaking hours of young girls screaming and singing.

It was fun!

Second day, only Michelle could join us.

Total shopping!

Bought them all kinda stuff from school shoes to necklaces.

On the third day, we just had a quiet family lunch.

Its all good…. Hopefully I don’t have to wait for another 2 years to see them again.

*keeping fingers crossed*

Beading time.

Karaoke madness!

Chillin at Baskin.

At the end of the day.

Me and my gals.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Cards

I have never made a card before.

Not a birthday, seasonal, valentine or mother’s day card!

There are too many people that I would like to send the cards to but with limited resources…. I am just sending it to my fellow Guardians and Mur.

Merry Christmas!

Started with playing around the JPEGS on my laptop.

Putting my personal touch on it.

Here is my crazy attempt at art with some raw materials…. Snowflake and glitter.

Putting glue on the snowflake.

Now to make my snowflake shiny.

Do they look pretty? *wink*

Now to stick them on the cards!

Btw…… I know its only a card, but it’s a personalised card.

It’s a gift from the bottom of my heart.

Federation D Street Party

Attended Federation D’s Street Party last week.

Lots of fast cars and hot chicks.

Not gonna waste time posting car pictures.

Here is what you missed if you were not there.


Monday, December 13, 2010

U Mobile

I hate putting down another person, or even another organization but I need to vent.

U Mobile, you suck!

First and foremost, when I first subscribe to you, your billing was screwed up.

I pay every single month but its not always reflected in the bill.

Your excuse is that your system is not ready.


You start a business and your billing system is not ready??

It shows the mentality of your management!

And the connection is always dropping.

Its like the freaking Chipsmore ad, now you see it now you don’t!

It got from bad to worse… to the point that I can hardly stay online anymore.

Time to discontinue my account.

Calling them was easy enough.

And as usual when a customer wants to discontinue, they will make you jump thru hoops.

Fax this, fax that….. whats new?

And when I called to confirm, your people argued with me.

Gave me wrong information and insisting that I pay even more for discontinuing the service.

Thank god I know whats right or wrong, and I fought for my rights.

What about those that are non confrontational or ignorant about your policies.

With the market becoming more competitive, you still offer below par service with support that is lacking?

You are definitely looking at professional suicide.


Friday, December 10, 2010


Did I mention I love watching cartoons?

Besides getting the box set for series, I get anime as well.

My latest interest is Fairy Tail.

I hate chasing it on the tube as my timing is never predictable.

Went to the night market to get the box set (as you can see in the pic, I am spoilt for choice)

The box set available is only part of the season.

It seems the series is still incomplete (Yes, Meru said “I told you so”)

I hate walking away empty handed, so I bought Samurai X.

One of my earlier fav series.

Now to see if I am free this weekend for a marathon of 90 plus episodes.


Friday, December 3, 2010


December, a new month with new projects.

My gals will be with me for three days. Yay!

Looking forward to that and am very excited about it.

But the main project is the renovation.

Focus is on the kitchen with a possibility of doing the walk in.

Now it looks like the walk in is a go with the possibility of doing the dinner area.

Budget is totally broken but hey…. Why not?

Its not always I get contractors messing up my place, might as well maximise them.

Then there is the Christmas and New Year Party.

Busy, busy, busy!

Random In Beijing

More pics from Beijing!

Acting like tourist in front of Hard Rock.

Chillin after walking about at Tiananmen.

Lets have some fun!

Diane with a Korean dude (confirming her fetish for old man)

Chillin outside Pearl Market (rare moments when we can feel the sun’s heat)

Strike a pose! High fashion!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

New Friend At The Great Wall

Made a new friend in Beijing.

At the Great Wall to be exact.

When we reached the Great Wall, I see this beautiful cat sitting under the information board.

It’s a black and white Persian.

Its very beautiful.

I patted it and went on our merry ways.

Once we were done with all the climbing and back to square one we needed a break and guess what… the cat was sitting at the bench.

We sat near it and the cat went to Yana and snuggled against her.

After a few minutes, the cat put her paws on Yana and lay on her.

It was soooo cute.

Yana wanted to bring her back to Malaysia but we know that’s not possible.

I will be going back to the Great Wall and I look to seeing the cat again.

Beijing Shopping Havens

Shopping is great in Beijing.

Forget about the shopping complexes or malls.

I only went to three places and spent all my money there!

I went to Panjiayuan, Silk Market and Pearl Market.

Other shopping sites I wanted to go but didn’t is the Russian Market and the Antique Market.

Not enough time or money.

In Malaysia you can compare it to Central Market. Loads of arts and crafts. Tons of shops and stalls that will sell you all kinds of carvings, drawings, jewellery and what nots. They have at least ten stalls that specialises in stones. Yes…. stones, not precious stones but stones! Gotta say the stones are beautiful but nevertheless stones.

Be ready for war! If you are weak, spineless and non confrontational, this place is a nightmare for you. The sales people are very aggressive. They will try their best to close a sale. You need to haggle or you will pay more than necessary. The place has loads of boots, bags, clothes and accessories. The competition is very high, so you can use that as an advantage to get the best bargains.

It is similar to Silk Market but they also have lots of souvenirs, make up and gadgets. Loads of it. A good place for souvenir hunting or get the latest Iphone.

I went to Silk Market three times coz the place is huge!

The price is freakingly cheap if you are willing to haggle.

Example, they will try to sell you a bag for 500Yuan, you can get it for 100Yuan.

If you do not have much time, concentrate on Silk Market.

Drop by Pearl Market for the souvenirs and go to Panjiayuan to experience their culture.

If you love shopping, Silk Market is big enough to satisfy your needs.

I will be going back to Beijing and I definitely will spend at least one whole day there again!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Beijing Trip (Pictorial)

I have more than 500 pics of my shenanigans in Beijing.

I will only upload just a few that shows the whole trip.

In the plane on the way to Beijing.

At the airport in Beijing.

Freezing my ass on the first night night in Beijing.

Admiring my banana split (Don’t forget I am a banana split whore)

Getting ready to enter the Forbidden City

The sun does love me. The Emperors giving me their blessings?

The awesomeness of the Forbidden City!

The historic Tiananmen Square

Some shadow play on the grounds of the Square

Getting close and personal with the Terracotta warriors

Fooling around from my upper bunk in the sleeper train

Bird’s eye view from my “lift” to the wall

Reflection of Diane and me in the “lift”

Finally on the wall!!!

As usual, smoking on the wall

The slow walk back on the wall

Getting ready to toboggan down the mountain

Going crazy on our last night!

It was a great trip with great company.

Cant wait for the next trip!