Sunday, November 28, 2010

Beijing Shopping Havens

Shopping is great in Beijing.

Forget about the shopping complexes or malls.

I only went to three places and spent all my money there!

I went to Panjiayuan, Silk Market and Pearl Market.

Other shopping sites I wanted to go but didn’t is the Russian Market and the Antique Market.

Not enough time or money.

In Malaysia you can compare it to Central Market. Loads of arts and crafts. Tons of shops and stalls that will sell you all kinds of carvings, drawings, jewellery and what nots. They have at least ten stalls that specialises in stones. Yes…. stones, not precious stones but stones! Gotta say the stones are beautiful but nevertheless stones.

Be ready for war! If you are weak, spineless and non confrontational, this place is a nightmare for you. The sales people are very aggressive. They will try their best to close a sale. You need to haggle or you will pay more than necessary. The place has loads of boots, bags, clothes and accessories. The competition is very high, so you can use that as an advantage to get the best bargains.

It is similar to Silk Market but they also have lots of souvenirs, make up and gadgets. Loads of it. A good place for souvenir hunting or get the latest Iphone.

I went to Silk Market three times coz the place is huge!

The price is freakingly cheap if you are willing to haggle.

Example, they will try to sell you a bag for 500Yuan, you can get it for 100Yuan.

If you do not have much time, concentrate on Silk Market.

Drop by Pearl Market for the souvenirs and go to Panjiayuan to experience their culture.

If you love shopping, Silk Market is big enough to satisfy your needs.

I will be going back to Beijing and I definitely will spend at least one whole day there again!