Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Liong Clan

Just had a family gathering at Starhill.

All the Liong's were there. (Immediate family)

It was nice.

Too bad Yana and Emily wasnt there.

Master Liong (My Dad)

18th May 1934

Previously facing health problems but thank God he is a lot more better.

Love you Dad, temper and all.

Madame Liong (My Mum)

11 June 1942

Still going on strong, as fiery as ever.

Love you very much, love you even more for no longer nagging.

Mark Liong (My Eldest Bro)

24 Dec 1965

A social freak that everyone loves. LOL

He aint heavy he is my brother.

Love you for always being there for me.

Joey Liong (Mark's Eldest "Daughter")

10 Sept 1992

1 confused and messed up "person".

Always playing the macho dude.

Still love you (Remembering the days when you were running around in diapers)

Michelle Liong (Mark's Second Daughter)

02 Sept 1996

A vegan who is very prim and proper.

Love you, wish I can be there for you more.

You dont have to be strong all the time, I am here for you.

David Liong (My Second Bro)

28 Oct 1967

A very happy go lucky dude.

Thank you for making the pact for being brothers forever.

Love you and your zanniness.

Alex Liong (David's Eldest Son)

22 Aug 1994

A very very quiet boy.

Very reserved but loves playing games.

Love you boy even though we seldom talk.

Natasha Liong (David's Second Daughter)

09 June 1997

Never saw you growing up as you grew up with your babysitter.

Growing up to be a beautiful gal.

Love you even though I hardly know you.


Love my family to bits.

Beware anyone that messes with them.

Friday, April 24, 2009


Check into my hotel in Tawau and immediately went to sleep.

Didnt sleep the night before.

Within the hour of my slumber, H woke me up saying there is a fire.

Fuck! Just my luck.

The whole place was smoky and the alarm was ear shattering.

H grab his laptop and asked me to move my ass.

Yeah right.

I changed, and grab everything.

Yup! Everything.

Not going to leave anything behind.

Thank God we are only on the 7th floor.

Still, I was panting when I reached the ground floor.

I can see people rushing away when i walked out the hotel.

Luckily it was the shop house right beside the hotel that was on fire

The picture shows the hotel on the left.

Since I have nothing better to do than to sweat under the sun, I joined the crowd.

The red colour in the window is actually the fire blazing away.

4 hours later, the fire was out, and we were allowed back in the hotel.

The aftermath.

Not to sound cold but shouldnt I get compensated for disturbed sleep?

At least give me a discount.

*sigh* Nothing.

Ha! Anyways I screwed the hotel by smoking in thir non smoking room.

HAHAHAHAHA! *evil laugh*

Do I look Fat?

Roadtrips are hard work.

Its physically and mentally tiring.

But I am putting on weight.

Here is an example on how well I am taken care of.

Was in Tawau.... and I am sure I put on at least 5 kilos on that piece of land.

Landed in Tawau around 10am.

Peter picked us up and took us for brunch.

He asked if we wanted Big Prawns.

*Groan* Again? Enough already... lets try something different.

He took us to Taman Mega Jaya to a Kedai Yuan Yuan.

Soto.... I am not into Soto but I obliged.

Damn! Its good.

The Soto comes with seafood or beef.

I had mixed.

The beef was soooo nice and the seafood.... *drool*

I had like two bowls with flat mee.

Doesnt look like much but yummy

We took our time and when it was 12pm, Peter said lets go for chicken pie for dessert.

Why not?

The chicken pie crust was thin and crispy with the pie brimming with loads of chicken meat.

There goes my diet.

Again I had two.

Took a picture of the pie with H's teh tarik which looks more like root beer float when it hit the table.

Dinner at Sabindo Seafront.... what can I say?

Prawn Salad that is to die for.

Salted Eggs Bittergourd. Its so creamy and rich.

Pakis Sambal Belacan. Spicy and crispy and fresh.

Stir Fried Sabah Vege. My favorite. Always have it when I am in Sabah. Its like mini asparagus.

Elephant Trunk Shellfish. Its different but still tasty.

And to top it off...... Steamed Black Sea Chicken. Perfection.

And here is Peter.... the dude who is on a crusade to fatten up everyone.

Now you know why I have to buy new pants.


Friday, April 17, 2009


Things are looking up.

Yana got promoted.

The company is on the rise.

My financial situation is improving.

Surrounded by friends and family that are great.

But something is missing.......

My gals.

They have been quiet for a very long time.

The last I heard from them was late last year.

Last December Jazmeen is always on YM in the afternoon
and we would chat away about everything and nothing.

Our favorite subject is food.

Jazmeen miss the food in Malaysia.

Nadya will join in sometimes.

She is so into reading.

Anyways it suddenly stopped.


What I wouldnt give to have them by my side.

Love you gals, hope everything is well.


Congrats Baby.

You got your promotion.

Remember when you feel unappreciated, not recognised....

The nights when you cannot sleep feeling insecure.

The hours we fought over the performance of your work.

The promotion validates your work and that you are good.

Time to celebrate.

*wink wink*

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Seeing is believing

I might have to learn it to promote our drift track.


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Fuck It

Eamon - Fuck It

See i dont know why

I liked u so much
I gave you all of my trust
I told u I loved you
Now thats all down the drain
You put me through pain
I wanna let u know how i feel

Fuck what i said

It dont mean shit now
Fuck the presents
Might as well throw em out
Fuck all those kisses
They didnt mean jack
Fuck you, you ho
I dont want you back

You thought you could
Keep this shit from me
You burnt bitch
I heard the story
You played me
You even gave him head
Now your askin for me back
Your just anotha act
Look else where
Cuz you done wit me

Your questions did i care?

You could ask anyone
I even said you were my great one
Now its over
But I do admit Im sad
It hurts real bad

I cant sweat that
Cuz i luved a ho


Love the song.

Enjoy. *wink*

Monday, April 6, 2009

Here We Go Again

I've said this a thousand times.

Dont try to change the person that you love.

When you hope that the change will come after marriage, thats a fast track to divorce.

Sadly, the marriage of someone I know is falling apart.

That stupid bastard tried to tame his fiery wife.

He knew she was fiery before he married her.... why complain now?

She is just being herself, and it didnt help that you push her buttons and test her patience.

Why wait till now when your son is 4 years old?

Be a man, do the right thing.

If you really hate her, divorce her.

Dont string her along and hope that she will change.

You are the man, why is it that she is the one wearing the pants?

She got a bigger set of balls than you.

She is holding down the fort while you are screwing up.

So what if she makes more money than you.

That doesnt mean that you are less of a man.

You screw up when you started acting like the whole world revolves around you.

Never compare yourself with a woman.

True men dont compare penis measurement.

You are worse when you lost the count with a woman.

You give guys a bad name.

If you want a doormat you should have married someone else.

Go fuck yourself instead of fucking with my sister's mind.

You are a real man for trying to throw her out.

Yes, you get to push her around with your so called machoness.

Just remember, what goes around comes around.

I hope you rot in hell!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Coming Soon

Pasir Gudang.

24 acres.

Yes…. Its gonna be a track, but not a race track.

Its going to be the first track in Malaysia that is specially designed for both amateur and professional drifting.

There would be a track for both amateurs and beginners.

And a bigger track that is especially for the professionals and competitions.

So…. What have I got to do with it.

Our company is going to build it.

Yup, we will be the first MLM company in the world that owns a drifting track.

It will help boost the brand awareness of our product and company among the Gen X.

There are a lot of ideas that we want to do for that place.

The best would be to make the track the place to be.

We will make it a party every night, with DJ, loud music, drifting……..

Keeping my fingers crossed that the negotiations will run smoothly.


Dedicated to my baby.

Reminiscing the days when I sang the song to her over the phone.


Would you dance if I asked you to dance
Would you run and never look back
Would you cry if you saw me crying
Would you save my soul tonight
Would you tremble if I touched your lips
Would you laugh oh please tell me this
Now would you die for the one you love
Hold me in your arms tonight

I can be your hero baby
I can kiss away the pain
I will stand by you forever
You can take my breath away

Would you swear that you'll always be mine
Would you lie would you run and hide
Am I in too deep
Have I lost my mind
Well I don't care you're here tonight

I can be your hero baby
I can kiss away the pain
I will stand by you forever
You can take my breath away

Ohhh I just wanna hold you,
I just wanna hold you, oh yeah
Am I in too deep
Have I lost my mind
Well I don't care you're here tonight

I can be your hero baby
I can kiss away the pain (Ohhhhhhhhhhhh yeah)
I will stand by you forever
You can take my breath awayI can be your hero
I can kiss away the pain
And I will stand by you forever
You can take my breath away
You can take my breath away
I can be your hero