Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Liong Clan

Just had a family gathering at Starhill.

All the Liong's were there. (Immediate family)

It was nice.

Too bad Yana and Emily wasnt there.

Master Liong (My Dad)

18th May 1934

Previously facing health problems but thank God he is a lot more better.

Love you Dad, temper and all.

Madame Liong (My Mum)

11 June 1942

Still going on strong, as fiery as ever.

Love you very much, love you even more for no longer nagging.

Mark Liong (My Eldest Bro)

24 Dec 1965

A social freak that everyone loves. LOL

He aint heavy he is my brother.

Love you for always being there for me.

Joey Liong (Mark's Eldest "Daughter")

10 Sept 1992

1 confused and messed up "person".

Always playing the macho dude.

Still love you (Remembering the days when you were running around in diapers)

Michelle Liong (Mark's Second Daughter)

02 Sept 1996

A vegan who is very prim and proper.

Love you, wish I can be there for you more.

You dont have to be strong all the time, I am here for you.

David Liong (My Second Bro)

28 Oct 1967

A very happy go lucky dude.

Thank you for making the pact for being brothers forever.

Love you and your zanniness.

Alex Liong (David's Eldest Son)

22 Aug 1994

A very very quiet boy.

Very reserved but loves playing games.

Love you boy even though we seldom talk.

Natasha Liong (David's Second Daughter)

09 June 1997

Never saw you growing up as you grew up with your babysitter.

Growing up to be a beautiful gal.

Love you even though I hardly know you.


Love my family to bits.

Beware anyone that messes with them.