Friday, April 24, 2009

Do I look Fat?

Roadtrips are hard work.

Its physically and mentally tiring.

But I am putting on weight.

Here is an example on how well I am taken care of.

Was in Tawau.... and I am sure I put on at least 5 kilos on that piece of land.

Landed in Tawau around 10am.

Peter picked us up and took us for brunch.

He asked if we wanted Big Prawns.

*Groan* Again? Enough already... lets try something different.

He took us to Taman Mega Jaya to a Kedai Yuan Yuan.

Soto.... I am not into Soto but I obliged.

Damn! Its good.

The Soto comes with seafood or beef.

I had mixed.

The beef was soooo nice and the seafood.... *drool*

I had like two bowls with flat mee.

Doesnt look like much but yummy

We took our time and when it was 12pm, Peter said lets go for chicken pie for dessert.

Why not?

The chicken pie crust was thin and crispy with the pie brimming with loads of chicken meat.

There goes my diet.

Again I had two.

Took a picture of the pie with H's teh tarik which looks more like root beer float when it hit the table.

Dinner at Sabindo Seafront.... what can I say?

Prawn Salad that is to die for.

Salted Eggs Bittergourd. Its so creamy and rich.

Pakis Sambal Belacan. Spicy and crispy and fresh.

Stir Fried Sabah Vege. My favorite. Always have it when I am in Sabah. Its like mini asparagus.

Elephant Trunk Shellfish. Its different but still tasty.

And to top it off...... Steamed Black Sea Chicken. Perfection.

And here is Peter.... the dude who is on a crusade to fatten up everyone.

Now you know why I have to buy new pants.