Friday, April 24, 2009


Check into my hotel in Tawau and immediately went to sleep.

Didnt sleep the night before.

Within the hour of my slumber, H woke me up saying there is a fire.

Fuck! Just my luck.

The whole place was smoky and the alarm was ear shattering.

H grab his laptop and asked me to move my ass.

Yeah right.

I changed, and grab everything.

Yup! Everything.

Not going to leave anything behind.

Thank God we are only on the 7th floor.

Still, I was panting when I reached the ground floor.

I can see people rushing away when i walked out the hotel.

Luckily it was the shop house right beside the hotel that was on fire

The picture shows the hotel on the left.

Since I have nothing better to do than to sweat under the sun, I joined the crowd.

The red colour in the window is actually the fire blazing away.

4 hours later, the fire was out, and we were allowed back in the hotel.

The aftermath.

Not to sound cold but shouldnt I get compensated for disturbed sleep?

At least give me a discount.

*sigh* Nothing.

Ha! Anyways I screwed the hotel by smoking in thir non smoking room.

HAHAHAHAHA! *evil laugh*