Wednesday, February 29, 2012

New Passport

My passport was left with only 6 months validity, forcing me to renew it.

Hate transactions with the government.

There is always something that screws up.

Anyways, it was not a start when the Immigration office that I went to says they dont renew passports.

I need to go to another branch.


So off on a search of the unknown branch that I have not heard of.

(Btw, this is all happening in Kelana Jaya)

When I found the branch, it was a corner shoplot right at the end of everything.

Fine, on a positive note, I didnt waste too much time looking for it.

On entering, there was a smiley elderly dude who is handling the information counter.

Good start indeed.

I am using automation, hence no need for number but line up for a single kiosk.

Again, WTF!

Promoting automation but only one freaking kiosk for the hundreds that turn up???

Anyways, I got in line and observed those in front.

The ones that do it really fast at the kiosk is either they follow the instructions on the screen or they got rejected by the kiosk.

Dont even get me started on Malaysians who dont follow instructions.

Anyways, the kiosk require to read the passport and MyKad together (both chips required) and there were a few that the chips dont work.

Malaysia Boleh!

Guess what?

I have the same fucking problem.

After being in line for half hour I got rejected!

So off to get a number and process my application manually.

Unnecessary waste of time that.

Technology is suppose to be make our lives better, not annoying the crap out of me.