Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Good Bye & Good Luck!

Its been sometime since I wanted to blog about this, but I wanted to cool down and let the dust settle.

I do not want to react or to look like I am reacting.

You are my brother, though I do not show it, I do care for you.

She is my sister, and it was wonderful news when I first heard that both of you are dating.

I have my doubts, but I never show it as I wanted to be as supportive as I can.

I was not surprised when the both of you broke up and I was pleased that the both of you can still remain as friends.

But when the both of you hook up again, I feared for the worse.

And my fear came true.

Again you guys broke up but this time cannot remain as friends.

The sad part is that you pulled away from us too.

You don’t answer our calls, our buzz in ym… your messages.

Then we found out that you got engaged.

You kept it from us, and that hurts.

And when we finally manage to chat with you, you played the victim, you played the helpless pathetic victim and accuse us of being bias.

All that even before you knew how we feel.

You assume we will be on her side when in actual fact we were on nobody’s side.

We were just annoyed that you got engaged and didn’t keep us in the loop.

Was it wrong to be annoyed?


I will respect your decision to choose “offence as the best defence”.

I will not shoot you down or point out all your mistakes.

I am just sad that you think we cannot accept you, flaws and all.

I heard that you have moved on to greener pastures.

I wish you the best of luck and may you be happy with all the decisions you have made.