Monday, September 15, 2008

My Work

Yes, I know....

Why is there no further information on my work?

OK... here goes.

My company is called Nanang International Sdn. Bhd.

Its dealing with MLM focusing on health products.

Not gonna bore you with the health aspects of it.

For those who doesn’t know whats MLM, its short for Multi Level Marketing. Still no idea? Amway rings a bell? LOL

Well, I am the Head of Sales.

I run trainings, do presentations, conduct seminars.... you get the idea.

I will be travelling all over Malaysia. Its fun, but also tiring.

I cant wait to do the international scene.

In the near future, we have our sights on Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore and


After that, the middle east, India and onwards to the west.

Since there are 3 of us, my focus will be on customer service or support, whichever you wanna look at it.

I will be the point of reference when our distributors need information.

Information will be disseminated via telephone, email or face to face.

Obviously I cant do this alone.

Thats why I have been looking for members to join our team.

Preferably a hot young thing (female), but they are not easy to find.

Well, thats work in a nutshell, but the ramadhan month is slowing things down.

Thats normal in MLM.

Will keep you updated on whats coming up next.