Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Goodbye... My Good Friend

After 7 years of loyalty, I have to say good bye to my friend.

My handphone, Nokia 8250. Also known as the blue butterfly in its prime.

7 years is a long time to hold on to a handphone.

Gonna replace it tonite with a Nokia 6500S.

The strange thing, when I think about it.... I have never really bought a phone.

My first handphone was a company’s. It was a Nokia. I remember it well with its slim and long body and a antenna thats always sticking at me.

My second was a free phone that came with a registered line. It was a Ericsson. Those days, Sony and Ericsson were two different entities.

My third.... Nokia 8250... yes my third, meaning tonite is my fourth...

My third was a bargain sold to me by my client. He doesn’t need a new phone so he sold it to me for RM400.00 which was a steal as the market price was RM1K plus!

I guess you can say that I bought that phone, but not from the shop.

Today, Yana is gonna pick up my phone and pass it to me later tonite.

At last... a new phone.