Friday, January 28, 2011

Reflections..... Grow Up?

Yes…. It’s a condom.

I was holding it coz I needed to make a speech and a mic was not available.

My shirt was drenched from all the foam that they showered on me.

It was a great night but I am not here to talk about that night or who was there or what happened.

I wanna talk about who was not there.

Some of my closest friends were not there.

Some were overseas and some were….. making excuses?

Some of my friends grew up and started acting their age.

Sure, I am 40 but act my age?

How is a 40 year old suppose to act?

No fun allowed?

No more crazy nights?


I am having fun and I am living my life.

I am a father and a husband, but does that mean I no longer can have any fun?

Some will say grow up.

Be an adult.

I say Fuck You!

I don’t hurt those around me, I am not irresponsible, I am just living my life and not be a hypocrite.

I have no regrets.

I am surrounded by friends that I love who loves me back.

I have a soulmate who is my best friend.

My siblings are closer to me more than before.

My life is great.

How is yours treating you?

Having fun as an adult?


Monotonous lifestyle?

You have my pity……

Don’t judge me just because you don’t have the balls to stay true to yourself.

When you stop being yourself, you are already dead.

Stop making excuses that you are an adult!