Friday, August 29, 2008

New Team

A new gang.

All three of us are Head of Department for sales, but our focus is different.

The one on the left is John Toh. His focus is training. He is like a walking encyclopaedia. Very knowledgeable but is annoying when he rambles on too much without getting to the point.

Great guy to have around.

Great source of reference.

The one next to him is H.

He is our boss but he does not want to be known as one. He wants to be a part of the team. I think thats cool. Not a lot of bosses who are willing to get their hands dirty. His name card says he is Head of Department for Corporate Affairs.

Great visionary.

A very good team player.

Thats me. I am focusing on Customer Service. My forte.

And on my left is Benjamin Beh. Head of Marketing. We used to work together. My sifu and big brother. Learned a lot when we were working together in Dymax. Am honoured to be working again with him.

A rock who can make things happen form nothing.

A guy you dun want to mess with.

Been working with them for a month.

Great team.

One vision.

One mission.