Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A New Beginning

At last....
Back to work after a month of lazing around.
Time to exercise the grey matter.
I am now working with Nanang International.
An MLM company dealing with health products.
I am the Head of Sales.
There are 3 of us.
My focus is on the customer support.
So my name card says HOD – Customer Service.
Tie and long sleeve 5 days a week.
Gonna have to get use to that since I have only been wearing jeans and T-shirt in my previous place.
Its fun to start my own team and challenging that I have to lay the company’s foundation.
Its easier when the other two HOD, Ben and John has the same vision and ideas for the company.
Its even better when my boss, Hoong Teng is a great guy who shares the same ideas.
This is going to be a great place to work in.
Great colleuges, wonderful boss..........
I hope it last, coz the money is incredible.
I hope that this will be the last place that I am to be.
I am tired of changing jobs.
I am tired of thinking about my financial situation.
Bottom line is... I am just tired.
I want to make this work.
I want this to be a success.
So far, I am happy.
I will make this work!