Saturday, September 12, 2009


What will you be remembered for when you leave this world?

That’s right people….. think about it!

You will be remembered for the way you led your life.

Your principles.

Your outlook on life.

The way you treated the people around you.

Who died and make me King of principles?

I know lots of people who will snicker that I am talking about principles.

They are probably the ones that I have cut off from my life.

I have a simple outlook in life.

Do onto others the way you want to be treated.

Blunt honesty even if it hurts to hell.

I believe that only by having in your face, fuck you, I don’t care about your feelings honesty can one be a better person.

I could be wrong because lots hate my straight talk, but I am not going to beat around the bush if I see you wasting your life away.

I know…. I am a bastard and a perv, but hey…. At least I am not a faker who tries to be something that I am not.

Why this topic today?

Its cause I just had dinner with my posse and I recognise strength when I see it.

My friend Shaffik just gave 24 hours notice after being treated badly by the management.

He had to pay the organization 2 months pay for leaving abruptly.

He is not a rich person but he had to make a point.

Injustice was done and he had to take action.

He walked out of his comfort zone and face the unknown.

That takes guts and strength.

He has my respect for doing that.

Normally, one would just bitch about how bad the management is but never do anything about it.

They chose to stay and complain instead of looking for opportunities elsewhere.

Shaffik chose the unknown, the new adventure, giving himself a brand new day.

He has my respect.

We never really got to work together and it would have been great if we did.

It is an honor for me to call him a friend.

Here’s to Shaffik and his new lease on life.



-:afIk:- said...

ayaaa...u made me cried la, Rizal. i did what i had to do. it's their loss anyway. thanks for calling me a 'friend'. it must have been damn good if we were to be working together. i will surely gonna miss Diane's work (damn fast), Q (when he was in KBase) and Don's (for his brilliant ideas that had been rejected, then being used after he left..wakakaka.. tq Rizal and Yana for being my friends. I'm so grateful for having you guys (you, Yana, Diane, Q, Don) in my life.