Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Here is a contradiction, be a responsible player!

I know lots of players.

Some are very good at it.

Some are just player wannabe.

Not gonna talk about wannabes, no matter how annoying they are.

It’s the players that are irresponsible that I wanna address here.

Especially players who are married.

You know you are married, you are not gonna leave your wife and kids, so what are your intentions?

Its purely physical with no strings attached.

Wham Bam Thank You Ma’am!

So why the fuck are you playing the martyr, dispensing advice on family issues!

If you have such good principles on family values, what the hell are you doing cheating on your wife?

You shut the fuck up when families are in distress.

And here is another thing….. if you cheat with a married woman, you have no say when your lover talks about her husband.

You have no fucking opinion when she is talking about her kids.

You have no rights!

You make her happy in bed, and you get to make her laugh.

That’s all you are…. A sex toy and a court jester.

There is no you in her future.

You are the flavour of the month, and you will be forgotten when the next guy comes around.

If you try to be more than what you cannot, you will open up a can of worms that you can never cover up.

So be a good little boy and run along.

Play your games, but don’t you dare be something that you are not.

You are not her husband.

You are not the father to her kids.

Are you gonna leave your family?

I don’t think so.

Don’t try to control your lover.

She will eventually move on.

You will go back to your family.

Peace out player!