Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Yikes.... car broke down while coming down from Kota Bharu.

On the highway at 100am.... not a good experience.
Here's me waiting for highway assistance.
In the car getting towed.
Feels like I was on a roller coaster. LOL
On arrival at the Temerloh tol parking area.
Would have taken more pics but my camera batts ran empty.
Anywho, called my aunt in Temerloh to send me to a hotel.
My aunt wanted me to stay with her but had to decline as Yana and Sita was with me.
Didnt want to be a bother.
Next morning my uncle brought the mechanic and pick me up to inspect the car.
Its confirmed..... wheel bearing broken.
Once the tow truck (private, the highway tow truck wont tow my car any further) is arranged, my uncle left to continue his work.
Spent about an hour at the workshop changing the parts.
Then off to a tyre shop to get new ones as the old ones were 'botak' from the little mishap.
At the shop I remembered my handphone can take pics. LOL
All through the experience, my uncle and aunty kept calling to make sure everything is ok.
My aunt wanted me to stay for dinner but I had to rush back to the office.
This experience has reminded how wonderful my family is.
I keep taking them from granted.
Have to make it up to them.
Thank you, Ah Yee and Yee Cheong for being so caring, Mother for being her normal efficient calm self, Jay for making sure that the towing is free and Ah Choy (mechanic) for being efficient and friendly.
They made a bad experience a bearable one.
God bless all of you.