Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Good Bye!

My fault.

I cared.

I see a backdoor that wont close and I try to close it.

Why do I even bother?

Its coz I care.

Maybe I shouldn’t?

Seems the point of the back door is lost when the plumber, the carpenter, the locksmith and the whole damn world is at fault, so that we don’t have to talk about the backdoor.

The backdoor……………….

That is my only point.

I was thinking of shutting it, but you have your reasons.

My fault for actually believing you when you say no backdoor will be left open.

My fault for actually still giving a damn.

Why should I care when you obviously don’t?

Why should I close the backdoor when you obviously wanna leave it open?

I am no expert……. but I do know that more than 80% of failures are due to a backdoor.

I am no expert but I do know those who has no backdoor has a 99% success rate.

You say you wanna make it this time, but you refuse to acknowledge that your backdoor is open.

You say you wanna make it this time, but you refuse to close your back door.

You say you wanna make it this time, so you burn your bridges instead of closing the backdoor.


I too give up.

I will no longer speak my mind.

There will be no music to tango to.

There will be no bonfires to lit.

There will only be memories of what was and what could be.



Bon voyage

Good bye!