Monday, November 10, 2008

Smoke Get In My Eyes

Due to political reasons and the threat of possible sedition, I cannot divulge the name of the person who I am quoting in here.

"Tunku Abdul Rahman did not allow Chinese to join when he started UMNO because there was a strong fear that the communist threat would infiltrate the party" in response to his opinion on the social contract.

"The NEP is no longer relevant as the hard working Malays do NOT need it".

He added the last sentance without any prompting.

Tears welled up in my eyes when he said that.

Any other person saying that would not have that effect, but the gentleman sitting in front of me is no ordinary person.

He is historical, he personally knows Tunku, he is surrounded by historical artifacts with pictures of all our previous Malaysian great leaders.

The effect it has on me was instant.

Without warning, I can feel my eyes watering.

I am so touched to know that the great minds of Malaysia knows the truth and sees the truth.

Its the propaganda of our newspapers and our leaders who is viciously talking about the social contract and the need for NEP.

This gentleman's opinion will never see the light of day in our newspapers as he knows Tunku too well to be doubted.

His opinion will cast a storm on xxxx.

It is lucky for xxxx that he has chosen a private and humble life with no political aspirations.

Though I have read of others who share the same opinion, but to personally hear it from this person, in his living room, it feels like I was there when Tunku shouted Merdeka.

Malaysia was built on the hardwork and great minds of our leaders.

A great mind has spoken, and it echos the opinion of many.

NEP needs to go and there is no such thing as a social contract.

I do not have the strength of RPK to fight the system or tell everyone about this information.

God forgive me and May God forgive those who has twisted the truth.