Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Greatest Company Ever

When one thinks about the perfect organization to join, there is a few things that come to mind. Environment like the Google organization, great pay, great working ambiance and great working mates.

Never had the total package before.
The closest I came to that is wonderful friends from work.
I have worked in many organizations, but only 2 came to mind.

One is Dymax and the other is VADS.

The pay sucks, the management play politics all the time but it helps that I was surrounded by wonderful friends.

Now that I am in Nanang, its like a dream when the perfection is so close.

Great friends surrounding me, wonderful pay, office environment that is wonderful (this will only happen in 2010 when we move into our own building in Glenmarie).
I want to share this with all my friends that are still stuck with other companies.

Halim is confirmed coming in.

Q is on his way.

I want to share with all my friends.

I want to create the best working environment that anyone has ever seen.

I want this organization to be the envy of all others.

Most of all, I dont want to succeed alone.