Wednesday, December 30, 2009

One More Day

Wow…. Time really flies.

Another day to a new year.

Year 2009……

Went to my first international vacation with my beloved.

Well, life with my beloved is always good.

Caught up with some old school mates. Yay!

Work could be better, still fighting for the targets.

This year I didn’t get to see my girls. Hopefully, its not the beginning of the end.

Good and bad for a year, whats new?

Anyways, I have travelled enough to know I am blessed.

When I miss my girls, I just think about the better education that they are getting.

Whenever my other half annoys me, I think about others who are still searching for love.

When I have money problems, I know I still own my own home.

When I cant eat out, I remember the hungry faces of children.

When I am tired, I am glad I still have all my physical attributes.

When my car’s aircond suddenly stops, I know my car will still get me to my destination.

Good and bad….. that’s what makes our life colourful.

I pray that the year 2010 will be more good than bad.

Work hard….. Play harder!

Time to play!