Friday, March 27, 2009

Thank You, Samiliah

Tawau…. Its not just great food and beaches.

Its also the land of illegal immigrants.

It always tugs at my heart to see children at work.

At their age, they should be playing games or watching TV or being in school.

I see them normally at night working at restaurants.

Probably it is to avoid detection.

I can see that they are having fun with each other as they are usually not alone.

But yesterday, while having dinner at a hawker centre, I saw one that was walking alone from table to table hawking something in her basket.

She got a sad look on her face and everyone seems to be ignoring her when she approaches their table.

Shit! Her features are similar to Jazmeen.

I called her over and asked what she is selling.

It was dried ground nuts at RM1.50 per packet.

Her name is Samiliah and is 12 years old. (I asked)

Tried taking her picture but she said no and turned away.

Tried coaxing her but she still said no.

Her reaction was of a shy 12 year old.

Felt like a paedophile trying to persuade her to do something she don’t want to. (LOL)

Didn’t push her, I just took a packet and gave her RM10.00, telling her to keep the change.

Just like last night, my tears cant stop flowing.

All the HODs saw me crying and Ben told them its because I miss my children.

It was partly true.

Yes I do miss Jazmeen and Nadya, but I was crying because that sweet little kid should be at home at that time of hour (it was 10pm), not exposing herself to the dangers of society.

I wish I can do more.

She will probably have a tough life ahead of her.

Samiliah, thank you for reminding me how lucky I am, and how blessed my life is.

I just hope that Allah smiles on you and make your life easier as you grow older.


Nina said...

Sweet...and it also makes me sad. Amin to your dua.