Thursday, April 3, 2008

Things can be better

Look up to the heavens, and you will feel insignificant

Look down to the earth and you will see where your feet is at

Most everyone I know likes to say what they don’t have

Always looking at greener fields

And always complaining about things they don’t have

I have gone through good times and bad times

I used to make RM12K a month as a senior sales manager

There was a time I have only RM2 to my name

When someone asked me, why am I still using a monophonic black and white handphone

I always say I can make and receive calls and can text

I hardly buy clothes for myself as I know that whatever I have is sufficient

There are others who can’t afford decent clothes, let alone new ones

I always finish all my food on my plate

This is coz I grew up with images of Ethiopian kids dying from hunger

I used to ride with my dad on his motorcycle

Therefore I try not to get angry when seeing families of 4 riding their motorcycle

It is commendable to be ambitious

It is not a sin to strive for material things in life

It is not wrong to try and make a name for oneself

But always remember there are people worse off than us

We do not need to look at other countries to see how good we got it

Just look around…..

Whenever you complain about how difficult it is to drive an old car

Look at others who are taking the public transport

Whenever you complain about the lack respect you get at work

Look at others who is searching for one

Whenever your plumbing is not working

Look at those that needs to get some from the nearest well

Whenever your life gets you down

Be thankful for what you have

For life can be worse, a lot more worse

I know, been there, done that

I am not ashamed to be poor

But I don’t ever want to be poor again

And I know I will never be poor again because there will always be someone worse off than me