Friday, May 16, 2008

Happy Teacher's Day

It’s Teacher’s Day.

Though its been donkey ears since I left school, (St John’s Institution) I can still remember some of them like it was only yesterday.

Datin Chen (I was only 8 years old but Datin sounds so cool then), Mr Dennis, my band teacher, Mrs Kang & Mr David Fernandez, disciplinary teachers, Mr Goh, geography teacher who is always trying to find different ways to punish the class because we don’t mind the conventional methods, Ms Chia, my form teacher, (sorry I made you cry when I kick you out of our class), Mr Raymond, history teacher (thanks for the canning) and a whole load of others that I cant remember their name.

Then there is Ms Lee and Ms Abishingam…. So hot and yummy…. *drool*

Teachers that made a real difference to me because they actually cared about the class, not just as educationist but because they are human. They touched us on a personal level. Mr Willam Goldman, Mrs Frank Tan and Pn Salmah.

And of course not forgetting my Law lecturer, Mr Lawson who is always sharing his hometown stories. (If anyone skips his class, he will hunt you down to ask why. He cares!)

Happy Teacher’s Day.

To Mr Goldman, Mrs Frank Tan, Puan Salmah and Mr Lawson….

Thank you….. wherever you are.